Mansfield Town Bottle It

Ha ha ha ha ha good. Hope Radford is crying


DJ laid their goal on as well lol great judgment of skill and character by dough for trying to hound him out of the club :joy:

It’s mildly amusing I guess but I can’t take any real pleasure from it.

More concerned with the state of things at our club.

I’d back Mansfield to be back up there battling it out again next season. Us… I wouldn’t like to predict at this moment in time.


How many games has DJ played for them since his return ?.

It wasn’t that Johnson. The one with the assist was their full back


I’ll take the piss when I’m more confident we won’t finish well below them next season.

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Oh right :man_facepalming:

Funny as it is, at least they went 3 months longer than us before their season finished.


Of the 19 games since he went back he’s only taken part in 8, most of the time on the bench.

He hasn’t even been in the squad for the last 4 games though.


Hope we get DJ in the summer for nothing and the announcement video is a parody of when they signed Nicky Maynard but instead of Radford’s Mrs, it’s Pombear with a bit of lippy on driving a mobility scooter around Poundland with DJ looking swag in comedy sunglasses…


Yeah, DJ was on a roll till Radford got a cob on and made a whole meal of the transfer.


It was a braindead decision to stop him playing for us. How many points have we given to the other teams in and around the play offs. With Dj here we could stifle a lot of team’s. I absolutely love it


We drew with both Carlisle and Bradford since Johnson left. More importantly, Salford beat us twice in that time.


Saying that, despite the Johnson situation, they’ve still bottled it themselves at the last.

Prior to today they’d played 18 games since Johnson’s return.

Won 9, Drew 6, Lost 3.

Those 3 losses were against Salford, Northampton & Orient.

With that record you’d have thought they’d have dispatched Harrogate at home.

Interesting that Stockport could now sneak the final automatic place if Northampton slip up and they beat already relegated Hartlepool.

And even Bradford have a shot at it.

I’d rather be in their position than ours …

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I’d rather be in the top 7 than either ours or Mansfield’s position.


So annoying the only time Clough hasn’t bottled a promotion in his managerial career was 15/16…

For the resources he’s had as a manager he should’ve achieved more as good as the Burton promotion was.

Bet DJ is counting down the days until he leaves, can’t wait to read his interview on what happened between him and the hierarchy as he’s a proven league two scorer and he hasn’t even been making the bench in last few weeks and it’s cost them.


Andy Cook has a habit has a habit of settling old scores with previous clubs me thinks scored again today

Ha ha ha what have we become🤯, celebrating Mansfield losing!

Fold us now

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Fraser comes to mind “We’re doomed!”