Mansfield Town (H) 26th October, 3pm

"As swift as breathed stags, ay, fleeter than the roe"

(Shakespeare … with apologies to “Tinned”)

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse we welcome Mansfield Town with their clutch of ex-Saddlers all determined to demonstrate our folly in letting them go to pastures new. The trio of Malvind Benning, Matt Preston and Andy Cook are all regulars in the Stags’ squad, but there should be motivation a-plenty in Darrell Clarke’s selections if only for the fact that a Walsall win would enable us to leapfrog our opponents in the League 2 table. The two clubs have both conceded 21 goals this term, but Mansfield Town have scored more than ourselves (who hasn’t?), with 22 goals to our 10. Current League 2 form for the Stags:-

Sep 21 Port Vale (A) Drew 2-2
Sep 28 Plymouth Argyle (H) Lost 0-1
Oct 5 Grimsby Town (A) Won 0-1
Oct 12 Oldham Athletic (H) Won 6-1
Oct 19 Forest Green Rovers (A) Drew 2-2
Oct 22 Salford City (H) Lost 1-2

There is a further connection between the two clubs, this time on the managerial side - Stuart Watkiss was Mansfield Town’s manager back in 2002, for a year, before making way for Keith Curle.

The burning questions for Saturday’s game can be crystallised into the following … (a) Are any of our “crocks” ready to leave the physio’s table and show us what they can (or can’t) do on the pitch? … (b) Are the players assessed as “weak minded” going to be given a rest? … © Has enough "gelling" taken placed yet so that a settled side can be formed? The answers to these questions, and others, may (or may not) surface in a couple of days!

Prediction? It may well be time to turn current practice on its head, so rather than forecasting a win or a creditable draw (only to be disappointed) let’s say that this game looks to be a 0-2 home defeat … it will be a pleasure to be proved wrong again!!!


1-3 sorry…

Not very often you predict a home loss Welsh. Things am bad.

I’ll go for a 3-1 win

Can’t see anything changing any time soon so I’ll go 1-3 Mansfield, Cook to get a brace and to stick his tongue out to the HomeServe.

We have GOT to stop the rot sometime, i just hope DC has read them the riot act, last chance saloon etc etc, with that in mind i will go for a 1-1, cookey for them with him celebrating in front of the tile choice while pulling his shirt up and exposing his 6(pie)pack, and our goal scored from a shot from clarke rebounding off the post and hitting Adebayo on his arse and squirming into the corner, leading to him then going onto scoring 20 goals in 10 games :grin:

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Another defeat I’m afraid. Players ain’t good enough for this level

Apparently Mansfield are only naming three subs as there’s less room on the bench this year.


Hard to see anything other than another loss, so as we are Walsall we will probably win 3-0 :wink:

Can’t see anything but a defeat either, not just Cook but they’ve also got plenty of other decent strikers so a clean sheet will be a near miracle.


Where is this goal folk are predicting to come from?
0-3 at best. This so called team are just cack, anybody there on Tuesday night will NOT be there on Saturday! (particularly knowing the Cookie monster will enjoy his goal/s against us with relish).

Having being away for a couple of weeks and listening to everybody’s assessment and not witnessing all the poor performances I will go for 0-3 defeat with fatty giving it large after scoring a brace

After the last few games confidence will be even lower, the defence may be short of two of our best(Jules and Pring) so I think we will get beaten easily possibly 0-4 .

Please don’t make me go, mum. I’ve been a good boy this week.


And can we all agree to just ignore their hay bale afflicted striker, no matter what happens or his baiting? He thrives under negative attention, had some of his best games for us when opposition fans gave him stick #dreamers #voldermort

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I’ll be there again after witnessing that aberration on Tuesday. Although you’re right, the prospect of a Cook goal at the Homeserve end is something I’m not looking forward to.

0-3 to Mansfield.

Give him as much stick as possible that’s what I say may even help to create an atmosphere and give our team a much needed lift.

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Well, I’m not looking forward to this.

Walsall 1-3 Mansfield.

Cook to give it ■■■■■■■ loads right infront of us.

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Looks like we’re all in agreement. (Well, nearly all.) Another depressing defeat…

Walsall 0-2 Mansfield with the visitors never getting out of second gear. Cook to become the new Grigg.

Not going this week. After 4 games on the bounce I can’t justify another 3 hour+ round trip to go to a lacklustre stadium to watch the predictable defeat and ■■■■ football this weekend. Especially not twice in 7 days, and witnessing Oldham Tuesday night has just taken it out of me.

Last two years at home have been awful and repetitive. I’m having some time off.


Wow not one prediction of a home win , 1-3 for me.

:smile: ahem

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