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Martin may be on his way?


According to the ever reliable WFHYS someone has just posted that Martin has left today and it will be announced next week. No idea if I believe it due but thought I’d share here.


Take everything with a pinch of salt from there, but ■■■■ me I hope it’s true


You mean you didn’t believe the Eboue rumours?!


Well he didn’t look very happy Saturday night in the service station on the m6 on his own


Had KFC ran out of gravy though as that would explain anyone looking unhappy.


It wasn’t that unless they’ve introduced a vegan chicken


Thought chickens were vegan as they only eat grains and seeds which therefore makes KFC chicken vegan suitable doesn’t it? Or have I been doing this vegan thing wrong?


Why would it be announced next week?

Keates has said there’s one on their way out though, although it’s probably Cook for £undisc


That was my thought too, the only thing I could think was he was happy to stick around whilst Keates brings a replacement in. I reckon the one out could well be a player out on loan.


Thats not even funny …:thinking:


Perhaps it’s Deanos new mate who he has a laugh with about his mom? I’m sure the sooo knowledgeable Joe Masi will tell us? When Bonser says he can😳


also rumours on there that Ismail has gone and Morris is going dubious about anything posted on there though we will see.


and the guy who posted it reckons its come from Martin Oconnor.


Same guy who posted a fake news story saying Preston want Cook. Some Dingle on the wind up.


I’d be very surprised. Martin is the only reason we have Jarvis here.


Scrap that, I’ve got it on very good authority that Russell Martin left yesterday!


Any reason that you know of? New club or going full time into coaching?


Please let this be true


I hope you’re right! You were pretty ■■■■ hot with the summer transfers!

Martin is one of the most disappointing signings I think I’ve ever seen at Walsall. I expected so much more!


Imagine it would free up a fair amount of wages so hopefully that can be used to replace him and get a decent commanding centre half