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Martin may be on his way?


Perhaps his mom moaned about all the abuse he received, oh we’ve already done that one!


Has he actually gone chief ??


Could be up to 4 others dependent on other clubs etc.




If four others are leaving then Keates ain’t messing around.

Martin and Fitzwater?

Maybe Kouyhar? Seems abit strange he hadn’t played at all all season then randomly comes on last week. And maybe Candlin back out on loan?

Interesting to say the least.


Those are sensible deductions. I’d also throw Leahy and Morris names into the ring.


Where’s @Thanatos when you need him? :zipper_mouth_face:


Leahy and Morris to Coventry maybe?

Coventry do like spending money on dead wood players.


Maybe Leahy. I can’t see Morris getting another first team gig in league one. He’d almost certainly have to drop down.

Leahy has an army of stats on his side that mask a lot of the problems he has so I can see him having a few league one clubs after him.


Morris to Wrexham maybe, that would be interesting.


I only give information when I know it’s a strong source.

One thing I do know is there is a veil of secrecy over this one - so makes me think it’s one of the ‘names’ within the side, but I am also told it will be a welcome departure.




If it is that’s not welcomed by me to be honest.


Based on? Source?


May be welcomed by the team though. I find him very selfish and a bit cocky.


Sorry, I was just pre-empting based on what you said and thought you meant welcomed internally? Did I read that wrong? I just have the feeling that he doesn’t make many friends with his attitude, maybe that’s not correct.


All I know is that it will be a welcome departure - whatever that means! Sorry if I wasn’t clearer. I haven’t commented because I genuinely don’t know more than that.


No worries. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if it was him. His attitude towards the team has been terrible at times and he’s been responsible for at least a couple of recent goals through bad decisions in possession so could well be one that keates refers to. It’s a shame because there’s a useful player there. Anyway, let’s wait and see, appreciate your honesty.


Who knows.

I agree he can be selfish but then strikers generally are, I think he can still come good. Tailed off from his decent start but it was always going to be a massive step up for him and would like to see him at least given a season. No improvement between now and then and there’s not much point keeping him around.


There’s definitely a player in there, just not sure there’s a team player.