Mat Sadler

Left side of a three he’s been sound. In a four it’s a lot more suspect, like a lot of our defence. Clarke, Scarr, Sadler, Jules and Kory Roberts are all suited to that system, I just can’t see combination there that stands out as a successful pairing at this level.

His decision last night both positionally and mentally didn’t cry out a player with a lot of experience! As soon as he did it he thought…i’ve cocked up there.

Centre Halfs that look ok (debatable) in a three but rubbish in a two are not good enough to play centre half.

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Get rid.

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On the occasions i have seen him this season he appears to be ‘coasting’ - having a bit of a jolly, taking what is probably his last pay day. I’ve seen him not compete for balls, not chase after them and then when we need him to put the extra effort in he doesnt even change gear. That handball last night was disgraceful - we are having enough problems with the full compliment on the pitch without losing one with such a stupid decision. Lets hope they give him a really long ban - and the club refuse to pay him while he’s not playing!

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I get the same impression. Take it nice and easy and enjoy your last season. Why risk having to spend the rest of your life in agony getting injured busting a gut for a club you couldn’t give flying f about anyway ( unless hes changed his mind about us since the last time of course).

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This one hasn’t worked out really, I’d forgotten about him until his rare start last night and that went well.

Signing that really wasnt needed given the amount of left backs and CBs at the club. You’ve got what him, Jules, CCM and Pring who can all play LB position.

Given he’s a senior pro and has been playing in division above for last few seasons he won’t have come cheap so can see a Russell Martin style parting of the ways in January and hopefully that money goes to sign a player who has some creative or goalscoring ability.


I saw warnings from Shrewsbury fans on Twitter when we signed him, and it’s true, he’s too slow. Along with Liddle and Guthrie we’ve got all the makings of a side which might give The Hawthorns care home in Aldridge a really good game of walking football.


And here lies the problem, signing players that have come for one last pay day, I would also say they are amongst the 5 highest earners at the club too.
Let’s hope they’re only short contracts and he can get rid, I know experience is needed in all teams but none of these 3 have given us anything when on the field, you can argue Guthrie picks out a pass but what goals has he created ??
Surely the wage these are on would have been better spent on younger experienced division 4 players who still have a few seasons left in them to help bring our youth through, DC got it wrong with these 3 imo.

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Reminds me of Russell Martin. Had so many high hopes but just ended up being dire…

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He was a great signing on paper, but he would be part of a list of players I would look to move on in Jan. We have better in Jules and Scarr with Kory as back up - I see Clarke as a RB.

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He can only really play in a three.
I would suggest he can only play if Jules or Norman is quick enough to cover him.
Or if Clarke thinks quicklly enough to cover him.

A good pro, but probably a year or two past his best, which is a real shame.
He’s no Russell Martin, by any means.
(that’s complimentary by the way)
I certainly have no animosity towards him, that’s reserved for others!

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Didn’t Russell Martin move on and help MK get promoted??

Sorry but it seems to me for the past 2/3 years any player signing for the club have been crap, there is something not right behind the scenes.

Yes Martin did end up at the Dons last season. Played a lot of the season at right back I think.

Looks like that was his level, as the Dons are really stuggling in League one this time round.

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Wishing it was our level at the minute :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I should be so lucky

Anyone know if he’s stayed on as coach?