Match Poll: Northampton (H) Feb 15th, 3pm

I hope the windy weather won’t affect our slick, silky passing game too much.
DC might need to change our tactics and tell us to play hoof ball. :rofl:

Could be a lottery, I will say 5-3 to us.

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Swirling blustery wet conditions, players slipping and sliding all over the place, ball constantly kicked into touch, players colliding and falling over each other in heaps of mangled bodies, cuts, strains, black eyes and then just when we need it we have a penalty kick, crowd goes silent a hush descends from the Homeserve as Farrell stands astride the ball, his eyes lasering the trajectory of where he will send the ball, up he steps, gasps and groans fill the Homeserve as the leather missile sails effortlessly over the stand making its way to the broadway!! Oh ■■■■ I’m thinking about the egg shaped ball game, ooops :joy:

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That’s a normal week!

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0-1 3882

More home misery

We have storm Dennis here today, what you got, storm Calima? :smile:


Alhambra Palace


They have a superb larger called that,Alhambra Especial :yum:

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And lack of interest…:joy:

Just hope they have a few extra bags of balls …:grin:

Will be game, won’t be? Anyway, injury free game and at least one reason to smile after.

Walsall 3-0 Northampton. Called off in the 53rd minute…

I went there a couple of years ago … stunning building and I loved Granada. Found some great tapas bars :sunglasses:

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Just took that photo from outside one. Weird that it’s 22 degrees yet you can see snow on the mountain.

Looks like all L2 games are on then.

Playing 5 3 2 no creativity or attack minded players at home. Adebayo over lavery. We shall see…

Take your pick :wine_glass:

Swindon OFF

Watch out with that brisk 2mph wind and all that glare.

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L.Roberts; Scarr, Sadler, Jules; Facey, Sheron, Kinsella, Sinclair, Pring; Gordon, Adebayo

Substitutes: Rose; Norman; Holden, Guthrie, Nolan, McDonald; Lavery

Late one then