Matchday Parking At Morrisons

Yes. If you’re heading via the Bell it’s an excellent location to park


It was :joy:

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Think Morrisons did a purge some years ago and a few Saddlers fans got hit for parking there. Seems a bit more draconian this time…

This could give a clue as to why they’ve taken the action they have. They say that part of the car park is underused. As it is a portion of the car park is fenced off and building work well advanced .

Yep, they’ve just added one to our local Morrison’s car park (Bromsgrove). Nice little money earner!

Just block your number plate on the way out then out it back to normal once you are on the main road…

Masking tape to make it look like BON53R


Wonder if the Trivela Group are factoring car parking into their continuous improvement plans… We struggle for parking with League 2 crowds, so if we did get to the Championship then it would be even worse.

Apart from the football, I imagine that Morrisons is a handy place to meet for people travelling together on business.

A bit like motorway services, where you get 2 hours free parking, but can pay extra if you stay longer.
I’ve done it myself, to meet a work colleague at the services, leave one car there and travel to and from meetings together, to save taking two cars.
I suspect Morrisons/Euro Car Parks won’t have this option, just issue a fine if you overstay the 2 hours.
The Morrisons by the Arboretum does have the option to pay for longer, as people use the car park to go into the town too.

Thanks stig. To be honest I’m surprised it’s took this long to happen given every other supermarket I know had them in a while ago.

I detest the things. Visited the same supermarket separately in the morning and evening once and it tried to claim I’d entered in the AM and not left til the PM. Burned many hours of my life getting some money grabbing charge overturned.

I suspect our resident ‘match day clamper’ in the estate opposite Bescot is going to see some uptick in traffic!

There’s always something, isn’t there?:roll_eyes:. Will this be the last straw for those who wonder whether it’s worth the hassle of going to games, given what they’re seeing on the pitch.

Well that’s a good point. I don’t need to try very hard to find an excuse not to go at the moment.
My missus did say she’d drop me off and pick me up but I can’t see that lasting very long tbh.

Is the retail park not a option

It’s probably what I’ll end up using. Stopped using it quite a few years ago when I didn’t get off the car park till almost 5:30 one Saturday afternoon. IKEA’s probably got space, but a bit too far to walk🤔

Can you get fined on the retail park?

If you get your cock out, I image so.


Go there after 23:00, people will pay you to do that.

So I’m told anyway…

We’ve parked on there quite a lot, no problems as yet , could be because there is a McDonald’s on there