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Matt Jarvis


Good signing if he stays fit. I think Dean Keates has gone for experience above all else on this one and after moaning about a lack off it after recent defeats it’s understandable, however his experience will be no good on the injury table so lets hope he stays fit. Best of luck to him.


We wouldn’t have had a chance of signing him if he hadn’t got that injury record. He’s a gamble due to injuries but has quality if he stays fit. Realistically what more can we expect?


If he can play and stay fit he’ll be a great asset to the squad. Certainly a gamble signing, but also could work for both player and club.
He’ll be itching to play and add that composure and experience we lack at the moment.
Think this signing also won’t of hit the coffers too much with the risks involved and hopefully Norwich are footing the bill. Hopefully that means we may see a Belgian added too :eyes:


I’m not knocking the signing as it could work but ‘realistically what more can we expect?’ is an odd question, look past his name. If we can’t expect more than a player who has played about 20 times in 3 years due to injuries then we might as well all give up.


Ad others have said, when fit, his crossing ability and service is exactly what Cook will thrive off


Dean Keates is reported as saying that Matt Jarvis “will hit the ground running” - so he’s presumably fit.

He is not eligible to play today against Charlton Athletic, and may be cup-tied for Saturday at Bolton.


My only disappointment is we have sold one of our only assets and replaced with a risk signing… whilst bagging a few quid.

Typical Walsall


But that’s unfortunately where we are. We can’t / won’t sign anyone near their peak and so an injury ravaged player who is hopefully still decent is about as good as it gets.

Its ■■■■ but that’s how it is.


Im struggling to see why DK would sanction a signing of a completely unfit player , they must have had him watched in reserve matches.

Unless it’s that Polish player from Arsenal situation again, what a waste of time that was.


He can’t be as he hasn’t featured for Norwich’s first team this season.


I’m sure they have a reserve side … and physio’s ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I meant being cup tied :smile:


Keates must have had him watched as he said ( he will hit the ground running) or is that hit the ground and get another injury :joy::joy:. I just think we need experience and somebody who can cross and create for the Cookie Monster . We will just have to wait and see.


To be fair a number of questions which will only be answered when he gets on the pitch, however,
Don’t forget we have Martins Norwich input if anyone knows him and his recent fitness etc it will be him.
Matt knows the area no issues setting in.
If he is half the player he was he will still be better than most at our level
The likes of Morris and Kouhyar will benefit and learn from him just been around the squad.
A fit and in form Jarvis and Ismail could cause problems for a lot of defences in the remaining games.
I’m positive but cautious one this one


Blokes got an England Cap. I’ll wait until I see him play before I write him off.


No it isn’t. This signing is a throw back to the Hutchings era. An era where those at the top didn’t have a clue until Smith came in and made them all look like they had changed the direction of the club.


Would prefer to take a gamble on Jarvis at this stage of the season. He has experience,and undoubtedly ability at league 1 level . Rarther than an 18 year old on loan with no experience.


Keates record with loan signings ain’t exactly Stella is it. For me this is a gamble, but one worth taking and i’ll see him play before writing him off. His pace now, along with his fitness are key, but if I was Walsall Manager, I’d probably take him for 5 months, provided he was cheap.


But why do we need to take a risk when we’ve just made a few quid of Ginnelly ?


Two words Mazza. Jeff Bonser.