Matt Taylor: Walsall at risk of losing loan stars

I’d be dissappointed if they did that. Only at Walsall could we put Shade down the middle and Phillips on the wing.

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I think we ruin players as fans if I’m being honest! If they don’t start well the negative comments are ridiculous! Adebayo was a donkey listening to our fans when he joined. This would have been weighing on his mind everytime he steps out on that pitch. Luckily he had the mental strength to deal with this. Osadebe is getting the brunt of it now. Got to be on his mind everytime he crosses the line. Wonder why they seem to turn it on in training? No pressure on them. Scarr was a non league level player at best yet ripping it up at Plymouth! If we supported the players and didn’t get on their backs when it’s not going right for them we might see the better side of them. I’ll prob get slated for this post but that’s my thoughts. Social media doesn’t help as it highlights the fans negative comments directly back to the players.


Ehh it’s the same thing at every club. Although I do find that sometimes the judgement on who that is directed towards is way off.

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For me that ones on the club.

If we are going to continue with poor recruitment then it will be the new norm. It’s the club throwing the players under the bus not the fans.

They are doing it again this season, we have two players starting week in week out with no league experience… it’s madness.

One away game at half time back in the 90s a friend told me Michael Ricketts was the worst player ever to wear a Walsall shirt. I laughed and said I thought he would play for England.
Then again, after the Bournemouth fiasco in '98, someone phoned WM and said Ian Roper was our worst ever player and should never wear the shirt again.

I think it happens everywhere though. I remember Albion signing John Wile and a couple of their fans telling me and my dad after he’d played 2 or 3 games that Wile was the worst player ever and should be sent back. He played about 700 games for them.
I just think it might be slightly magnified here at the moment because we tend to sign lots of young players with no experience and throw them in to a poor team. Fans get frustrated and have a moan, but the Club should recruit better, and hopefully will, with JF in charge.

I used to watch a lot of games as a neutral, sitting or standing with the home fans, or sometimes the away fans, and it seemed more or less the same as our crowd.
I think we could give better support, but I don’t think we are generally worse than others, but I suppose it goes in phases and as a fanbase currently we are a bit fed up and our patience is worn thin.

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Hold onnnn a minute. Before the virtuosity zombies trip over themselves (again :roll_eyes::yawning_face:) to say what a shitty bunch of toxic heathens we are. Let’s get one thing straight. Aforementioned players of recent times have also forged a valuable part in Walsall’s worst season in its history. Furthermore, without fans. I repeat, without fans present at the bescot stadium.

This is a loyal, Patient and passionate fan base. We don’t herd players out on this analogical conveyor belt some would have themselves believe. I get sick and tired of hearing it. All players at this club are backed and have been from the off. Some of their consistently woeful performances in that time also don’t absolve them from criticism.


If someone plays shit they should expect to be told as much thats how it was when i played anyway same if they play well give them praise then.

Very true

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Without wanting to put too fine a point on it, comments like this are complete and utter tripe.

Try sitting in the away end on a Saturday or take in another game somewhere, every club is the same - and it’s always been the same prior to social media - which is a lazy, easy scapegoat. Ask Tom Bradshaw about the ‘support’ he got at Shrewsbury.

Even at Halesowen Town v Tamworth around 1996, I was taking in a game as I played for Tamworth youth team at the time, and Halesowen brought on a young, lanky, awkward player called Julian Alsop. The home fans were slating the kid off as he ran on the pitch, making donkey noises (these were his fans!) - he scored the final goal in a 3-1 win. Next time I heard his name? Scoring for Swansea City. He went on and had a good football league career.

I do agree with @el_nombre in that those we choose to give grief to is sometimes exasperating - Romaine Sawyers being one that springs to mind. But all this garbage about Walsall fans slating their own any more than other clubs is just that - take issue with football as a whole instead of beating our fans with this stick - christ the club could not have had any more support considering the dross served up and porkies we are being told.


I agree that fans from all clubs have players they dislike.
I’m willing to give Shade a little more time. My frustration with him is his unwillingness to take on and goes past defenders. We know he’s quick, has a good strong shot, but has yet to show us anything like the form made on his debut.
I think at times he’s very predicable and defenders are quickly figuring him out, not something one wants in a winger. I hope the coaches are working with him so he can become a better player, if he does improve, and with Kiernan’s form we could have quite a pairing on our flanks.