Matt Taylor

Good interview with Matt on You Tube. The players are very much buying into how MT wants to play.
The man speaks softly, exudes confidence and energy and there’s no doubting the respect he commands.
Very good appointment.


Let’s all hope that we, the fans, give MT the time to implement what he needs to make WFC achieve great things.
Need to keep the pressure off if things start slowly. This man knows what he’s about & already I feel that he is light years ahead of our previous “manager”.


I thought he might get us at least one hot, young prospect from Spurs…?


Yes the guy is very impressive.I hope that translates into a team which is impressive.There is, of course, no guarantee of that but we must give him time if things don’t go well at the start. Lets really get behind him and the team and show what we are about as fans.


If Matt manages as well as he comes across, then we all need to lump on. Really like him and Jamie.


The season doesn’t start for another 3 weeks - plenty of time yet. MT/JF have got the majority of the signings they want in ready for the game tomorrow, but just about every season we (and probably every other club) make signings after the first friendly - and even after the first proper game (the window is open until the end of August). Wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see at a couple of trialists on the pitch at some time during the upcoming 5 pre-season games before any final decision is made on making them permanent signings.

The other thing to remember is that though we appear to have done well persuading some decent targets to come to us rather than take up offered deals from their current clubs, so far we don’t appear to have gone in for anyone still under contract who their current club wants to keep (i.e. someone they’d expect a fee for). Even if we are happy to splash out though, sometimes you have to wait for other clubs to land their own targets before they are happy to let the contracted player you want move on or go out on loan - which results in transfer chains of several clubs that can take time to sort out (especially if they include EPL or Championship clubs with players only just coming back after the Euros) and mean we don’t get a player as early as we’d like.

In other words, though it would be nice if we had our full and complete squad all sorted ready for tomorrow, it doesn’t mean that we won’t get other players in after that (got 6 weeks before the window closes).


We can always rely on sound reasoning from you, Andy.
The club has done very well with Taylors in the past, Brian, Colin and your namesake, Andy immediately spring to mind.
Our hope is Matt can bring us as much joy as they did.

Ah! Brian Taylor. Liked him. Honest player. What happened to him after Walsall - if anything?

I think he went to play for Plymouth and I remember that he died at a relatively young age, although I can’t recall from what.

Unfortunately, Brian died in 1993 in his early 40’s.
He played for us from 1971-1978, made 216 appearances and scored 25 goals. He moved to Plymouth and then to Preston North End, he ended his career at Wigan in 1982.
Very little is known about his life after football, his family or the circumstances of his death.
If anyone can shed more light on this, please feel free to share it with us.

Brian was an excellent player for Walsall, rarely did he have a bad game and gave everything he had for the shirt. He reminds me of how MT used to play, contagious energy, driving his team forward, willing them to victory.
Very sad he died so young.


One of my all time favourite WFC players.

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I seem to remember him as more than honest. I might be wrong, but I saw him as a skilful attacking full-back, possibly the first we had. I loved his replacement Tony Macken to bits, but I thought Taylor was way the better going forward.

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Brian Taylor (70s version) is one of my favourite players. I think when we signed him it was as a full-back, but he mostly played as a winger for a few seasons, filling in at the back when injuries necessitated. Scored a few as well, especially that first season. The Newcastle players in that cup tie on their left flank looked fed up of him as crunching tackle after crunching tackle won us the ball. I think they were wondering how the heck a winger could tackle like that. :laughing:
I think the last couple of seasons he played more regularly as a full-back, and if anything he was better at that than as a winger/midfielder. Not sure what position he played when he moved on but I know he was well thought of at North End.

We had some bloomin’ good backs in the 70s. Afer Gregg and Evans had moved on we had Fry, Harrison and Caswell, who all seemed happy to play on the left or right, as well as Brian and then Tony Macken.

Don’t know about all time but he was certainly one of my favourites from that period (which was when I first started going to matches). My memory of him is as more of a full back opposite the other Brian, Caswell.

I’m waiting for the awkward moments when playing Exeter when both fans are singing there’s only one Matty Taylor. I bet sky bet wish there was only one

I accidentally tuned in to breakfast TV yesterday and the weatherperson was also Matt Taylor.

Two matt Taylor, there’s only two matt Taylors.

He’s very versatile.


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