Max Melbourne

Only a passing connection with WFC, I know, but did anyone see “Long Lost Family” on ITV on Monday evening?

It featured Max’s mother (who had been adopted at birth) seeking her biological father (Max’s maternal grandfather). Interesting family story but it was a great shame about his elder brother who died of cancer at the age of 14.


I saw that. Very interesting and emotional programme. It said that his surviving brother is also a professional footballer. Does anyone know who he plays for?

His brother is Jamie Melbourne was playing for Stoke till he was released this month.

Interesting, will this get repeated in the week?

You can get it on catch-up if you have a Smart TV or sat/cable.

I can’t watch programmes like that, i used to cry at Lassie :joy:


I cry at long lost family and call the midwife apart from that I’m hard.

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Chunkster and NSD need not worry - there was a fairly happy ending for Max’s mother. Her biological father was found, 12 miles away in Brum! He seemed to be in good physical health but he was suffering from early dementia (which probably explains why he supports Aston Villa! :wink:).

Her 3 footballing sons were all products of the Baggies Academy - the eldest died young, Max we know about and the youngest, Jamie, has just been released by Stoke City as clawtheolder said, above.

To confirm AndyWTaylor’s advice, the programme is available on catch-up tv (ITV).


One of Mrs Hullsaddler’s favourite programmes (she was donor-conceived so she finds things like that especially interesting). I do find it more enjoyable than some of the ‘house’ programmes I seem to end up watching. Sarah Beeney her current number 1.

I don’t know if crying (for a man, at least) is an age thing or not. I’ve become very emotional as I get older. Sometimes there are tears of happiness and sometimes sorrow, especially if something bad has happened to a child.
I’m also much more empathetic and tolerant of others…I know that’s an age thing!


Tears of happiness? Cardiff 2001. Tears of sorrow? Most seasons since then.


Cardiff doesn’t reduce me to tears I was probably too drunk - either that or the fact I hid under the stands for the last 10 minutes because I cracked under the pressure!

Deano’s goal away at Swindon to level the score and go up as champions - jumping up and down with my Son in my arms and my Dad by my side - that gets me every time. Simply the happiest, most joyous single moment of my life, and it makes me well up just thinking about it.


Had tears in my eyes at the final whistle of the Preston game that meant we were finally about to make our first ever visit to Wembley.

Fast forward to the final itself and the sense of desolation I had after that was the strongest I’ve ever felt - even more than any of the relegations or defeats I’ve gone through. Was more like a bereavement.


I was nodding along in agreement reading your post, until the very last thing. I find I’ve become far less tolerant of stupid or selfish people as Ive got older.

Seems like I’m the only bloke reduced to tears by call the midwife. :slightly_smiling_face:


You are the only bloke that ADMITS to being reduced to tears by call the midwife :wink:


I always get choked up at the end of Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, when the owner gives him a tearful, thankful hug after Gordon’s inevitably turned their crap restaurant into a successful business.

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I don’t suppose theres that many blokes admit to watching it!


Lol i have never missed an episode :blush: just reminds me of growing up

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Watched Up at the Cinema for a kids birthday party sat with tears streaming down my face at the start of it