May Working Party Meeting Tomorrow

Please submit any questions for @chriss5471 to raise with the club at tomorrow’s meeting. Would imagine there will be a few…

Submit Your Questions for Walsall FC | The Walsall Supporters’ Alliance (

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I’ve submitted one or two…

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Done mate

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What’s the point? Most of the stuff that came out in the notes last time never got actioned.

Not the people putting it to the clubs fault of course.

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Fans forum was supposed to happen before the END of the season???

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I’d agree that we have to start looking at the number of questions asked and the percentage unanswered because of commercial sensitivity, needing to check with LP, or the club being unable to answer at the time of the meeting.

The higher that percentage the less effective the meetings and the more need for a change in format. Think it’s important the meetings continue however, and that the Director of Football becomes a regular participant.

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Absolutely pointless :rofl:

As Simon says, if nothing informative comes out of that meeting then they should just pack them in.

I didn’t say that. But the format should be changed.

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I missed a comma… and ‘in my opinion… should pack them in’ :wink:

I’ve asked about 6 questions - related to each other. I hope they get asked, and we get some answers.

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Frustrating that most of the questions asked tomorrow could and should have been addressed or answered weeks ago.

They don’t want to give you the answers, it’s always been the case.

What is that saying ‘hell is repetition’.

I have tried my utmost to not be negative, so all I will say is I admire anyone that can retain any belief that anything positive will come out of these things.

It’s all we have though, Funk. Even if they don’t give a single straight answer those supporter grievances go on the public record and the club can’t pretend that everything is rosy.

We’ve seen this season how criticism on social media is discredited, take away WPM and there is no formal, public platform for questioning the club or asking they be accountable.

We have to keep asking uncomfortable questions, because we’ll be waiting a long time for the shareholders in the local media to do the same.


Don’t forget the free tea and biscuits


Just ask them these?:…

“You have presided over the worst season in our history, what are the key learnings and what are you going to do in the next 60 days to ensure that next season is a success?”

“Also is the clubs online shop being down for over 2 weeks in the 21st Century an example of how poorly run we are?”

“Was Swifty Furloughed and is he ok?”

Cheers for the link mate, sent my question about who or how they identified likes of Reid and Osei Yaw as replacements for Adebayo in January.

Really looking forward to the response as it will say much about the club’s future moves in transfer market over next 12 months.

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When will you face the fans for a forum and be accountable for the worst season in our history.


Club have cancelled the WPM about 5 minutes ago, apparently at the request of someone. Not sure who.


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Absolute joke of a club

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