Meet the manager evening

Mat Sadler is going to meet the season ticket holders and members in a meeting to be held in the Stadium suite on 29th February at 7:00pm.
This is a special event which is limited to Season ticket holders and Members only.
This is one of the benefits as advertised when the membership scheme was launched.
Admission is by ticket which is available online or via the ticket office.
The Coaching staff will also be present.


good stuff, not seen this advertised anywhere as yet.


But if you buy a membership now, don’t expect to be able to get a ticket…

A good idea… let down by execution again.

I don’t think it is, it will limit numbers and why should Johnny come latelys be able to access it?


Got mine be interesting to hear his thoughts

Probably to stop anyone wanting to cause mischief getting in.

Me too, it will be fascinating to get his thoughts on our progress and development. Generally these nights are an absolute hoot.


Got mine as well…should be a brilliant evening (Sadler speak!)

I wouldn’t go if I had 3 season tickets, nothing against Sadler, these events just not my cup of tea. Just wondering what makes you a Johnny come lately though?


As someone who co-incidentally has recently changed my name by deed poll to Johnny Come, I have to say that I feel personally offended to have been singled out.


How lately did you change it? Is it recent enough to make you the new kid in town?

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Only just, as my previous name of Glen Frey wasn’t getting me into too many places of late.

Not even the Hotel California?

He got in there alright. Getting out was more of a problem.


This is gonna be The hottest gig in town…
Will be opening with “Just wannabe loved by you “

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Now, now. Take it easy.

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Many going to this? I’ll be there. Hopefully a good turn out and a good chance to ask Sadler and his staff some questions without the usual circus of the chairman being there and being asked about traffic lights and someone moaning about the price of a pint.

Yep I’m going

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