Meet The Manager

Just wondering who’s going and what questions you’ve got for DC

Is he happy with the budget he has been given to rebuild the tream?

How often and hard does he have to slap ferrier.?


Is Darrell planning a kinky novel or something??

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Does he regret his decision yet?

good question Chunk

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They should do a live stream on Facebook etc

He’ll probably get a few volunteers from the coaching staff to slap Ferrier.

And fans

I’ll be going a long. Have no specific questions but he’s a proper manager with plenty of experience so I’m interested in hearing what he has to say. He doesn’t hide anything either so I’m sure we’ll have a little insight into pre season and the squad.


Spoke to him @ Leamington

It’s true, He don’t mince his words

Is he going to wave?


I do hope so for his sake :joy:

If someone hasn’t already explained it, I’d like to know the reasoning behind undisclosed contract lengths

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That should be the first question heard multiple people question the reasoning behind this


Really don’t get it … team mates will know how long they’re on … managers … agents etc … the only people who don’t are us fans!! Imagine going into this summer not knowing if Leahy,Guthrie etc were out of contract :tired_face::tired_face:

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The only people short of the info for me are the people who actually contribute to their wages and that’s us fans

It probably means that Boner can sell the player for a nice wedge and tell the fans that he went for nothing as he was out of contract :smile:

Someone should ask him who keeps leaking stuff out to Thanatos and Jeef….:grinning:


I love it. Just what we need.