Meeting with Leigh, Stef, Dan & Darrell


I found the Chairman’s comments at the end heartening. Lets hope he is right and that football will reset and produce a much more even playing field.

Gamble, a bloke who cops no end of grief from certain fans, spoke very well there for me.

I’m not that interested in empty pats on the back (if we’ve been so well run for many years we wouldn’t be on the slide we’ve been on the last few years) but fair play to all involved. Give me this leadership over self interested parties any day.


Excellent update. Thanks everyone :+1:

Anyone else get the screen containing the big elephant?


Don’t see too much there to get excited about personally. Maybe its just me…

No and the elephant wasn’t mentioned in the comments either. Are you surprised?

There must be some kind of gagging order in place. The biggest fixed cost the club has and no mention of it.


Who’s the chap in the chair of this meeting?

………and although of interest it didn’t tell me anything new about the club, just obvious ordinary answers to very basic questions.

Tom Heslop, Comms department.
Personally found it quite insightful and grateful for the club for being transparent and engaging with the fans. Such videos wouldn’t have been released under the previous regime.


Great video and they all came across really well. It’s easy to think that everything is just standing still at the moment so it’s good to hear that whilst we’re cutting costs as expected, we’re also getting ahead of the game for when it returns with the pitch and training ground.
As DC said, there’s a lot of experience amongst them and I’m sure we’re in good hands.


You’re right Greg, can’t imagine any scenario when Bonser would have allowed such an obvious insight into how the club operated but as others have alluded to, no discussion or mention about the rent paid to Bonser which still hangs over the club like the sword of Damocles. They have clearly and deliberately decided to omit any disclosure about this; nothing changes in my view.


Insightful and gives me confidence for the future. I doubt we would survive under a Bonser led regime
Pomlett has previously said that he can’t fix the rent issue at the present. I trust that he is speaking with Jeff and trying to get a reduction / deferral. We must trust his skill and judgement and back him.
JB remains a thorn in our side, but we have to live with it at the moment.

I agree with the observation that you could implement social distancing in the lower leagues before allowing crowds in the Premiership.

You could restrict our ground capacity to
3,500 by making games all ticket, banning away supporters and using the whole ground for home fans. Not ideal but better than empty.


It would have to be on a military sized operation to get safe distancing though , it’s okay when everyone is in seats spaced out but you have to filter people one after another in rows but then if someone gets up for the toilet or for a tea and burger how are people not going to become close , unless they leave say 3 rows in front and three behind and you have to climb over the seat in front to walk down an empty row , then you have the worry of someone tripping and falling , it’s not going to be easy to get it working in my view

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Doesn’t have to work in practice. Just has to be a workable plan for the box-tickers.

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Exactly. Not sure what people are expecting on that front to be honest.

Bonser didn’t seem like the kind of man who put himself behind the club at the best of times, I wouldn’t expect him to during a global pandemic.

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He’s probably still blaming the fans for making him do what he did with no remorse. Our fault for holding nothing to his head while not filling it with ideas to take advantage of a small town football club.


I knew the club was in good hands before this interview, after seeing it, I have great confidence that we have some really competent people in moving the club forward.

There are some lower league clubs that may not survive the challenges currently being presented.
We are used to being run on a shoestring budget, some of these clubs that are living beyond their means are the ones who will struggle.

I agree that it is (beyond) time that the football authorities “reset”. There are far too many fingers in the pie for my liking. Let us introduce some commonsense into the game, less officialdom.
The EPL has to speak with the Premier League who have to consult with the FA who have to run it by UEFA who will have to wait for the green light from FIFA. It’s a total nightmare of bureaucracy.
I would sucede from FIFA immediately, they need us more than we need them. Once England does it, more countries will quickly follow.
The second thing I would do is to abolish agents, they bring the game into disrepute. I know as a rule Walsall doesn’t deal with them, but other clubs do…to their detriment.
There are lots changes that can be made to improve the game, not big ones either, but changes nonetheless.


Some interesting points here. I think there is a lot going on that currently seems very negative, but will historically be viewed as a positive.

Some industries have grown so rich and powerful they have completely lost touch with the reality that exists for those that follow and support them through thick and thin. Some of the richest DJs in the world, earning upwards of 30k per set (2 hours work), this week were begging for donations from the general public for their tour managers - without any kind of irony! Although some footballers have tried to be understanding and forthcoming with cash; the game is simply not sustainable at its current level, especially with a global recession on the horizon.

Some of these ‘stars’ that these industries place on pedestals are going to have to come back down to earth. In a lot of ways I dislike what football has become and I think a reset button needs to be pressed. I have zero sympathy; clubs have enjoyed the wave, ridden it for every prawn sandwich its worth - it was never going to last for ever. I’m sure a lot of clubs will come back over the years…


With four seats needed between each spectator, sidewards and forward and back. to achieve social distancing, my model says 5 spectators per 100 seats.

It’s impossible.