Mickey Flynn

Third so far with his new team, with a game in hand, and NOT playing hoofball to get there either.

When are people going to appreciate it’s not the managers that are the reason this club fails?!


Never thought it was, its the loser mentality and a lack of willingness to adapt. The impatience or unrealistic expectations (biased due to a perception of our worth and history) that has seen us in a cycle of decline.

We need to give a manager 2yrs regardless… regardless of results and regardless of our delusions.

Or appoint an excellent team of coaches and a solid respected manager.


I’m still a firm believer that after the performances last January, February, March , Flynn is John Barnwell’s love child from the early eighties only definitive DNA results taken by detective Bosch from the LAPD will satisfy me otherwise. :smile:

Can’t see us doing either though, will never put the resources in we really need, and will always pull the trigger on the manager, when things inevitably go south due to the former, to keep the heat off the board.


Was it 2 wins in 22 last season after going 12 without a win at the start of season?

The football at Rochdale, Harrogate, Wimbledon and Crewe in April were some of the worst football I’ve ever seen us play.

But should he have been given more time here to get things right? Possibly.

But why can’t we as fans now just get behind Sadler?

Good couple of weeks where we have picked up an away win and 7 points from 9, we lose one game and the calls for Sadler out are back again :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Why has this thread even started?


Part of the cycle of failure we are in… as fans we are great at finding things to blame but very rarely reflect on our own contributions to the failure.

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Tbf Keates got us relegated he had to go, Clarke left on his own accord. Matt Taylor wasnt ready for job and has stated that himself. Flynn played awful football and went on a disastrous run and deservedly got sacked.


The dug out is not the problem. The boardroom is.


Been saying this for years!!!

Trolling of the highest order.

Love to know how me buying a season ticket when I can’t get to most games, and schleping down from N Wales to Swindon constitutes a failure on my part, and the same goes for everyone else that pumps their hard earned in, and go around the country to support the team.

Or maybe our failure is actually doing so?


Yep we all have.

3 top ten finishes in 16 seasons. Says it all.

We all haven’t though that’s the thing

Which are?

Get a grip. Your not a victim, my point is that we are unrealistic in our expectations on a whole… Generally speaking. Its not about you.

Its not just turning up, any club can be toxic and well attended.

Reflect on the impact we have made on the sacking of managers and loss of players, its likely minimal but it has a place in the cycle of decline.

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I dont think we afford players enough time to develop without getting on top of them or deriding them…

I dont think we afford managers enough time, common with all fans and we are not immune to that.

I think we see our club as a league one football club and it sets an unrealistic expectation of where we SHOULD be by right… We dont deserve to be higher than where we are and i dont think the set up is trying hard enough to push us beyond league two.

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Don’t think it’s unrealistic to want better for a team that’s mired in 4th Division mediocrity, and could find itself non-league if not careful.

Also, I’m not claiming to be a vicitm, I’m stating how my support, and the support of many others goes above and beyond what would be reasonably expected, objectively.

Nor do I believe that our fanbase are more, or less, toxic than any other.

Simply put, you’re wrong to blame fans having any significant impact on our fortunes.

Its not us, and its not the club its everything. My point is we have a part to play towards the decline… I dont think the only thing we bring to a club is cash via attending.

I think we could acknowledge that we have some part to play in our decline… Malaise and lethargy.

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I also dont think its significant. But I feel we have some part to play. Nobody seems to want to look in the mirror and considers is there anything we are at fault at.

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Definitely agree on this bit.

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