Mickey Flynn

CompletelySaddled would apparently have loved the pet eating, given he says he f***ing hates animals.

That explains a lot

Thanks Mel…probably explains the 2 wins in 20 odd games!!! No wonder he was sacked but if he wasn’t taking training he would be in breach of his contract anyway. I liked Flynn but all this shows that we know very little of what actually goes on despite some on here pretending to know a lot.

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Is it not a bit weak to blame those above for what happened post-January?

Funk, you know that I’ve never held back in my criticism of those in the Boardroom and I 100% believe they should be held to account. However, I don’t accept that MF was blameless in his dismissal.

Excluding the rumours posted above, the results combined with performances, team selection and style of football has to come down to the Manager. Especially when you remember that Flynn was the one who abolished the DoF role to have complete control on the football operations.

I know this has been done to death, but there’s a bit of revisionism with regards to Danny Johnson aswell. That was largely a situation out of our control, and I do genuinely believe that Trivela tried as much as possible to either extend the loan or sign him permanently. And, let’s be honest the replacement signing of Matt and Stevens were the two best strikers in the same division the season before. If there was real bad blood, then Flynn surely wouldn’t have namechecked Trivela in both his pre and post match interviews?

I think on this occasion, what Flynn is doing at Swindon now doesn’t really have a correlation to what happened here. If you do a bit of digging on Swindon, they are in a much worse state behind the scenes than we are, but are absolutely flying on the pitch right now.


What were the board doing? Surely they should have known about this and said to Flynn and Hatswell that it was their job to turn up during the week.

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It would appear that Sadler has found Flynn’s wheel of fortune and re-purposed it to make the team selections !

‘Sorry Danny no second goes, your on the bench again … better luck next week’

I would imagine Steph ( responsible for all football matters) Gamble was looking for an opportunity to big himself up while simultaneously looking for a chance to keep his head down and pass pay day. Boycott was in America, Pomlett was busy at vista print getting 500 “ask Ben” cards printed, and Mole was creaming himself having worked out how to take the nets down ……and put them back up again all during a same day fest of girls football watched by an audience of tens.


Come off it Geordie! Flynn, the guy that was here for just over one season, said they are all doing a great job! He even praised Pomlett, so must know what he’s talking about

What would any of us know - having experienced their continual shortcomings and continual bullshit spouted into the media for a well over a decade as the football club has spiralled towards an oblivion :joy::joy:

I’m sure we will be proven incorrect with the avalanche of evidence provided across this site. Wait a minute…

I’m not sticking up for them, there’s some that should go simply because we need fresh faces, new ideas and some new enthusiasm but to rubbish past managers praising them is ignorant.

That is evidence from people who worked with them week to week, not sure how fans looking in from the outside is stronger evidence just because you agree with them.


It’s interesting reading and hearing what some of the old managers have to say. Reading Mr Buckley’s book, he was well aware of the wheelings and dealings of Ken Wheldon, some to AB’s detriment, but what comes through is some kind of respect for the man and the way he operated at Walsall. Similarly, Mr Graydon has enormous praise for Bonser and Whalley whenever I hear him talk about the club. So when successive managers, chairman and people with a passing involvement with our club all have good things to say about Gamble, for example, then, as you say, you’d be inclined to give their opinion some extra weight because they are dealing on a day to day, hour to hour basis with him.

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Flynn was even praising Boycott and co after the game on Saturday on the interview on the Swindon site, almost felt like the interviewer was trying to get him back on track at one point.

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