Mickey Flynn

Can’t remember the source but we were told that Flynn and his assistant were missing for long periods of time. Didn’t pay to much attention st the time but now you wonder.



Don’t get why the club put up with the situation other than maybe too expensive to sack him earlier or too worried it could have sealed our relegation and hoped Flynn would keep us up at the very least.


When I was told about the Hayden White - Wheel of Fortune episode I was very surprised. What Flynn’s reputation seemed to show was that he was good at fostering a togetherness in adversity; this showed to me that perhaps that was no longer the case, especially as he previously seemed to have respect for White’s commitment.

Wheel of Fortune? Can you explain please. I have no idea what you are talking about!

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Never for one moment did I think that or suggest it, sorry you felt I was calling you out on that point. All I was interested in was some ‘meat on the bone’ as the saying goes.

Glad you asked.

It was a wheel they spun at the training ground to determine fines I believe

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I had heard similar. Flynn more if a people motivator fostering togetherness than a manager who was good at the technical side and training. I suppose if you lose that togetherness then you can’t fall back on being technically good on the training ground putting on good sessions etc.

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No, not at all. I only said that as I’m sure some on here will most likely say that.

Story is, as was just said, that Flynn used it to determine fines.
He blamed HW for an error which led to a goal. HW was not happy with criticism being leveled solely at him as he felt others had also made errors which led to the goal. The result of the spin of the wheel was £250 ‘fine’. White was having none of it and refused to play: story goes that Flynn then doubled it.

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I do not know if it was true but, if it was, I am shocked. A blame culture is not healthy.

Contrast that with the way Sadler went to talk to Gordon at the end of the game on Saturday, I am sure to try to make him not feel so bad about giving the goal away. Players know when they have made a mistake.

If you want to fine anybody for anything, getting booked for dissent or kicking the ball away is a better place to start.


How many times have heard stories like this in the last 15 to 20 years? From Merson to Fullarton, Whitney stories, the complete discipline meltdown under Keates, DC seemingly having some kind of nervous breakdown. To me, all of this just shows that when you’ve got a mixture of disinterested jobs worth’s and clueless amateurs running the club that it doesn’t take long for that “culture” to trickle down to the playing staff, the wheels come off and it just degenerates into a leaderless farce with a negative momentum all of its own. Then it’s clear the decks with the same soundbites and summer of good intentions followed by the same type of outcome, usually triggered around January. And incredibly the same type of thing has spanned two takeovers!! There can only be one reasonable explanation for “it”.


Not sure about that specific story, re HW but its similar to what i heard, but they 100% had the wheel of fortune as I asked a member of staff who works at the training ground and sits by me. There were stories of junior players getting fines due to it, far outside what they should have been proportionate to their wage.

I also heard that players were left to arrange training themselves due to Flynn and his assistant remaining in S.Wales during the week, when no mid-week game.
Now, of course, he just jumps on the M4 and it’s an easy commute to Swindon.


that’s absolutely appalling

It wasn’t exactly a complex commute to WS1 unless he had a 1975 AA road Atlas and my wife navigating


Hahaha. So, on top of Darrell Clarke getting Vale promoted only because he wasnt there for part of the season, now Flynn is going to have a good season because he inherited the squad at Swindon hahahahaha.

Flynn had us 3 points outside the play offs and in the 4th round of the FA Cup before the…

…pulled the usual January rug.

I tell you what, if you can remove the emotion from this Walsall supporting malarkey, it’s bloody hillarious

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Swindon won’t go up - Lump on

Well if his style of management was that described above any success will be transitory. Players these days will not be treated like that. If what is described above is true he should have been sacked months before he was.


Should have sacked him in January! Walsall fans would have loved that at the time…but of course, a lot of the positivity and plaudits that was around at that time have conveniently been forgotten to now suit the Flynn negative narrative.

I’m more than happy to just sit back and see what unfolds. People just seemingly love making themselves look like silly sausages on here :hotdog:

Pure entertainment. I hear that if they had a bad game Flynn ate players pets while they were forced to watch

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