Mitch Candlin gone!


Gone to Blackburn on loan with a view to permanent in January.
I thought he was one of our crown jewels in the making.
Not sure what to make of this honestly
Apparently they have paid us a loan fee for him while they evaluate him.


See my comment on the other thread!


I thought this deserved a thread on it’s own after I posted that on the transfer thread.


‪On the surface it appears slightly odd. But Keates will have sanctioned this and I trust his instinct.‬ Clearly didn’t impress that much in pre season and training and Keates seemed to rate Dylan Parker more highly. Not too concerned albeit slightly shocked


In Keates we trust. Not anywhere near Ferrier, Cook or Gordon. Yes he has shown a lot of promise, but Keates seems to favour Parker more so than Candlin. Hopefully they’ve offered us a good deal for this to be sanctioned.


I wonder if this is to free up some salary budget for late additions …


Bizarre, but good luck to him. Shame we didn’t get to see the potential he quite obviously possesses.


Hopefully a decent sum coming our way and a decent sell on clause considering the potential he had


Gutted to be honest, never saw it coming! I can appreciate he didn’t have a favourable pre-season but still. I understand the fee but surely after the whole gamble “competitive balance” and bakayoko sale…is it really the way to go to sell one of the most promising youngsters we have got?


Also very surprised as I did think Mitch would be asset. Young Dylan left my employment at my school, Stratford upon Avon, and during his time there he was a prolific goal machine playing through the year ranks from year on year. Moving on to Stratford FC, he had continually proved to score and score goals for fun. DK admires the lad and he will prove that’s once the first goes in the rest will follow.

As for Mitch. Hope his loan spells works for him. Maybe there’s a deal on the cards for a part exchange for Mr Dack!!


As I said on the other thread, I’ve never been that impressed. Other than his good record in the kids teams he’s never looked outstanding in any particular department for me. I’m not asking him to be knocking in a goal a game already but he’s not especially pacy, or big and strong, or technically gifted from what I’ve seen. Would like to have seen him given a chance but not exactly worried we’ve missed out on a gem. Can’t help but feel Blackburn have heard they can get an England youth team prospect on the cheap from a league one club without actually watching him play.


And like i said on the other thread, we are never told how much so we can’t make an informed decision as to whether it’s a good deal or not?


For me, Dylan Parker looked lil better in pre season game(s), so I’m not surprised Mitch Candlin gone. This year forward line looks good I would say. Cook, Ferrier, Gordon, so for the fourth place race won Parker, not Candlin. And when someone offered some money, no problem then.


Good deal for us and Candlin. He quite clearly isn’t favoured which is holding him back - so let him move on. Personally think Dylan is more the type of forward Keates will want as back up.
Hope it works out well for him, and when it does I hope the club ain’t slammed for getting rid too early. We were holding him back by not being in our plans, it was never going to work if he stayed here as our fifth choice.


On reflection it’s probably best for both parties, Again though like Coventry I’d be interested to find what scouting has been done on these players. Even a Walsall fan hasn’t seen enough to give an honest opinion on his potential.

Or is it just a case of pot luck.


I thought he was in front of the pecking order of dylan? i can’t remember dylan even being on the bench?


Didn’t dylan make his debut against Macclesfield


I honestly don’t know? but that’s my point, if that was his only time on the bench when candlin has played a bit part for some time, then why has he taken priority over candlin?


From that Ajax pre season game Parker looks a pretty physical striker.

I think Dan Gilbert is bang on, Keates likes pace and power upfront and possibly Candlin is seen as a bit lightweight for that?

He is still very young though. Clearly Blackburn have scouted him at some point and think he’s worth a go.


There seems to be a lot of confusion & hysteria about this across the various platforms, & I’m really struggling to understand why.

Bringing through young players who can generate income by transferring to bigger clubs has been the club’s modus operandi for decades. Which, in essence, is precisely what has happened here.

Albeit with a slight caveat, Blackburn have signed Candlin in all but registration- they’ve loaned him now, because they can’t permanently sign him, on the proviso that they will as soon as they can. This is hardly unique- with the new transfer rules, this is how clubs get around them these days. It’s fast becoming commonplace.

It’s been pretty clear from pre-season, & appearances from the bench this season (1 vs 0) that Parker features more prominently in DK’s immediate plans than Candlin. This is no doubt a factor in cashing-in on Candlin’s potential now instead of holding out… we’ve gone the Jamie Tank route, in case he turns out to be another Tank (or Sean Geddes).