Mo Faal signs on loan

I make that 6 strikers now, or 7 if you include Knowles (DJ, DJT, Matt, Oteh Gordon, Faal and Knowles).

Wonder if any will leave this window?


You’re also forgetting oteh in there too, who I thought was looking promising before his injury! Feel like this is the first real signing showing the trajectory we could be going in the not to distant future :crossed_fingers:t2:


Looks a good signing but does this mean DJ is out ?.

I’d say it should be Matt gone.


Welcome Mo seems a decent signing pleased with this one.

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Totally forgot about Oteh. Nice to have choices, but it’ll be hard to keep everyone happy.

A bit like the Adegboyega signing, not sure what the thinking is here. To me its indicative that we are pushing for promotion in the 2nd half of the season, but struggle to say how loans will help when they leave in the summer. Perhaps it is a loan with a possibility of becoming permanent which would be good. From what ive seen he has bags of potential.

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Good to read Sadlers being monitoring his progress for last 12 to 18 months and building up a relationship with local teams.
Think baggies would have been impressed how we handled Draper


Useful signing this. Another option up front. Club are clearly trying to get us into the promotion race. The question is will it work ?


Play them altogether, that would be interesting.


Must say when I spotted this signing I thought we had signed Mo Farah and went well he will come in useful in the long run or even for the 97 mins marathon matches.


Gotta be a couple going out I’d say possibly Riley Menayaise and DJ possibilities?

To improve the squad I would hope, nothing more than that. No need to overthink everything.

If they leave in the summer then so be it, there will be far more options in the summer to go for anyway.

We shouldn’t give up on this season, not everything has to be in the future. Fans have paid for season tickets already, they deserve at least some kind of ambition to keep the season going.


Welcome to WFC Mo. Hope you bang the goals in for the super, soar-away Saddlers…

Good piece of business.

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I’m not keen on all loan striker attack force though
Faal will partner Gordon and dj and djt will phase out
Dj won’t be happy about this


It is always exciting when you sign a player from a bigger club, West Brom have a decent set up, and memories of Sam Mantom and Romain Sawyers come to mind
Does anyone know if he is better than we have already got? if so than welcome Mo, and lets hope you hit the floor running(so to speak) :wink:

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I see the logic in that but Matt was excellent before Christmas and with his experience I would love him to stay and play a similar role to what Brett Angel did in the Graydon playoff season and Trevor Benjamins role in the Richard Money league winning team. Come on and grab a goal or cause havoc from a last minute set piece etc maybe start the odd game.
If Matts fitness was more reliable then I think Sadler would have him starting every game so don’t think he will want him gone.

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I mentioned Mo Salah jokingly

Good signing, this season already proved he can perform at L2 level. Doesnt mean any of our current squad are going anywhere, called having options.