Mole and Gamble need the boot


Daniel Mole and Stefan Gamble. Well, where do we start chaps? You’ll no doubt hover over these fan sites and read this.

You have yet again failed with a managerial appointment.

It’s time for the pair of you to leave or, if Jeff has a pair of ■■■■■■■■, sack the pair of you. You are useless.

You can sit there after games and pretend everything is rosy but the facts are you have failed with yet another managerial appointment and the club is on the decline and you are to blame almost as much as Jeff.

If I was as bad at my job and my company went on the decline as much as walsall have I’d be out of work. It’s time for the pair of you to go.



Sorry Dan, but you are missing the target.

These guys don’t pick the manager or sign the players.

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Of bloody course Gamble and Mole should go! I’ve been saying it for a number of years, what the hell do they do? Apart from kiss Bonsers arse!! Gamble as a CEO is an absolute joke, not a clue regarding business acumen!, the role of CEO is to oversee the business ensuring the business is moving in the direction. We have gone backwards at an alarming rate, he has overseen the worst team, stadium,and been responsible for the complete and utter contempt of Walsall fans, in another business scenario he would have been shown the door yrs ago, he ain’t fit for purpose!! He’s a number cruncher that’s all he will ever be!!! Don’t even start me on Mole that useless ■■■■■.



Bonzo won’t sack em, they are the best bullshine deflectors he has ever had.



No but there fast enough to give it the big one when their announced? Pair of clowns



Oh yeah - they know when to blow their own trumpets don’t they?



Big time clowns mate



They are part of the problem, but we need to cut the cancer out ultimately



Keates was an appointment made by Gamble and Mole. I don’t know what happens at other clubs, but I’d question why an accountant and a media professional are making serious decisions about who manages our first team.

The next appointment must me a football decision made by ‘football people’ as part of a greater footballing strategy.



They are allowed to make serious football decisions because the club has become a circus and clowns are always in demand🤡




Jesus christ come on mate…when was the last time any decision was made with football in mind

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This board are incapable of formulating a strategy. I remember a fans forum I attended, late 2015/early 2016 during that season. Gamble and Mole sat there smugly pontificating about the clubs football philosophy and the ‘five year plan’ like it was their brainchild. They just sat there riding the wave, soaking it all up and claiming that it was, to quote a famous band, all part of the masterplan.

It was nothing to do with them, it was ALL Smith. While far from perfect, he carried the club and that’s evidenced in the fact that the wheels started falling off within months of him leaving and its gotten progressively worse ever since.

We haven’t had anything vaguely resembling a plan or a strategy since he went. It’s been a complete hodgepodge of plastering over the cracks, wheeling out fan favourite players during Early Bird season and hoping for the best. Stick Keates in and pray he comes good to keep the punters buying tickets so we can service the rent bill and that’s as far as the planning goes.

Like the pipes in the stadium bogs there have been cracks everywhere at this club for years and this season has blown them all wide open. From providing adequate facilities and a decent match day experience for supporters, to picking the right manager or players… there is no footballing knowledge and no footballing people at this club. You might think it’s amazing they keep their jobs off the back of so much failure, but then you remember they’re yes men whose sole aim is to make life easier for our dear leader.



In a way, they have signed some of the players.

You think Keates had any sort of knowledge about Laird, Osbourne and Ismail when they signed despite playing barely any games after leaving us in the first place, only to be resigned after Keates had joined? Laird was a panic signing in January because Leahy had literally no competition, Laird was a very cheap signing and of course he was a fan favourite from his first stint. Same goes for Devlin, pretty sure he was only signed because of a Dan Mole connection.



But they do.



Just Mole and Gamble? One name missing…

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Bonser is still using out dated thinking in relation to the club and his management team

These days you need senior personnel to lead, bring ideas, create strategies and implement plans that the employees can understand and buy into to…

At our level (let’s face it we are only a £5m turnover organisation) this should not be too difficult but seemingly Jeff doesn’t understand this.

I’ve said before, for the size of the business we have far far too many senior personnel with no actual responsibility for anything…

The club as a business is rotten and has no direction from the boardroom - they simply drift along doing what is needed to keep the place breathing (albeit it feels like it’s on life support most of the time.)

I’ve had enough and despite attending a few games against my better judgement recently (convincing myself that my attendance will in some way help the team) I’m personally at the end of my tether with Bonser and although I dearly love the club that I’ve supported through thick and thin since the mid 70’s, WFC is ran only for the self interest of one man and his family so is something that I no longer feel is worth supporting until real and substantial change happens…

I respect all you early birders etc and appreciate your commitment to the club is significant but there’ll be many (as has been the case during the past many seasons) who will no longer accept the sub standard, self motivated and out dated ownership style of a man and his team who are incapable of putting the club first and themselves second…



Think that says it all JK, complete and utter total lack of any football philosophy or knowledge. Spineless yes men that swagger about acting like billy big balls. Jobs for the boys!!!



Correct a number cruncher deciding what’s best in footballing terms!!! Sorry Simon couldn’t stop my sides from splitting when you describe Mole as a " media professional ":joy:



You’ve written the post I was going to write today JK. Agree 100%. We need a footballing strategy and then select a manager that buys into it. Judging by how quickly the ‘DNA’ that Smith handed them on a plate has been flushed down the overflowing toilets I don’t trust any of our ‘senior executives’ to implement such a plan.
The root of the problem is still Bonser, though. He sets the direction and the priorities; rent, venue, sponsorship in that order. If football meant a fraction to him as it does to us the club would have moved on years ago.



But who must we employ to do that? :grin: