Money "Rolling " in!

Well its two wins at £10k each, plus a draw at £5k from Leasing. com Cup. Then £36k prize money and £35k approx. TV money from F A Cup. That’s £96k plus a bit of gate money, call it £100k so far from Cup runs. Darrell should get a good whack of this to spend(sign Wes) in January.There will be a little bit more minimum to come from Oxford and Chelsea(the latter probably breaking even if we lose). Its a positive!

Yep, that’s 1/4 of the rent paid :partying_face:

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Hope the money in this pot we have for a rainy day which now includes the money you have mentioned gets spent WISELY in the coming months…hopefully lessons have been learnt!!

Just sign Wes


I wouldn’t be so sure after today’s very poor performance from Wes, pale shadow of the player who tormented Cambridge last week

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The money is mounting up. Good stuff.

He will have his bad days but we will not find anyone better in the position we are in. He is still young enough for improvement and is an outlet especially away from home on the counter.

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I think this is why he is where he is and no clubs better than us came in for him. He’s hot and cold.

It seems when he has a point to prove he’s excellent, yet when he’s in the side and looks to have a place nailed down he takes his foot off the gas and doesn’t do half as well. Shame really as he has the potential to be the first name on the team sheet.

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When you look at these income streams you realise what one good cup run is worth to a club like ours. Every season one L1 or L2 side makes it to the 5th Round of the FA cup or Leagye Cup.

If only it could be us, even if all the money went to Jeff it would make us one step closer to getting the freehold back. Perhaps we should be diverting our attention to the tin pot cup !

Sounds like zeli

in some ways he is but i think zeli was a better player when he could be bothered waste of talent that man.

It’s not to be sniffed at. You can make 100k go a long way at this level if you stretch it

Chuck it all at the Saddlers Club long term ROI would be great if that were run properly. Don’t care if the club own it, seeing as the supporters club royally fecked it up. I heard it was managed and run by baggies fans, who treated it as a personal bar for the last couple of years before it went broke. Any truth in those rumours?

Yes it would soon add up

First Round Proper winners (40) £36,000
Second Round Proper winners (20) £54,000
Third Round Proper winners (32) £135,000
Fourth Round Proper winners (16) £180,000
  • £405,000 almost a year’s rent|
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Would be great to get round 3 and draw one of the big guns… Noticed Oxford are warming up nicely though with a 4-0 away win prior to there visit in the cup next weekend. God help us :pray:

That’s also what I was told by mates, the guys that ran it were bagladies and they couldn’t care less if Walsall fans used it or not.

Yeah could be a bit of a reality check and show people just how far away we are from being a League One side.

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Yeah, can’t see us making round 3 somehow.

Round 3 here we come.

You okay? Wycombe Wanderers went out in the 1st round mate…:joy:

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