Morecambe (A) Tues Sep 17th, 7.45pm

"I see Windermere, I see Coniston, I see Morecambe Bay"

(“The universal suffrage of the dark” (Katherine Braithwaite))

The universal suffrage of the dark is a phrase that might well be applied to our season, looking at the way it has developed since that opening-day win at Northampton Town. But in the interests of trying to look on the positive side, it’s worth considering that Morecambe’s League 2 record is identical to ours at present except for the fact that their goal difference is even worse than ours, hard to imagine though that is.

It has to be a very worrying statistic that our strike force has only managed to score 3 goals so far, and this is put into perspective when you see that every single team in League 2 has managed to score twice that number (and a lot more in most cases).

Morecambe’s current League 2 form looks like this:-

Aug 17 Cheltenham Town (H) Drew 0-0
Aug 20 Macclesfield Town (A) Won 0-1
Aug 24 Exeter City (H) Lost 2-3
Aug 31 Swindon Town (A) Lost 3-1
Sep 7 Salford City (H) Drew 2-2
Sep 14 Scunthorpe Utd (A) Lost 3-0

"It’s got to turn our way some time" is a mantra that has been employed for quite a few games now, but surely the next two matches (against teams even lower in the League 2 table than ourselves) are prime candidates? A lot will depend on not just the willingness and ability of our striker(s) to “have a go”, but on the quality of service that is provided, be that from crosses that don’t end up in Row Z, or through balls that aren’t played straight to an opposition player.

Team selection is not the concern of this preview, as it’s become obvious that there is no point in trying to second-guess Darrell Clarke’s mindset.

Prediction:- We really are due for a 0-1 away win, and at least we know that Morecambe’s defence leaks more than most (15 goals conceded so far, no-one has let through more) - so on that basis it will be that result, with the winning goal coming from Liam Kinsella, to cancel out his unfortunate o.g. at the weekend…



0-0, at best, more likely 0-1, still can’t see a goal in this shower.

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I think we will win this one.


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3-1 win to saddlers, put an end to our goal drought and get 3 much needed points.

Morecambe 3 - 1 Walsall

My first visit to Morecambe away since a Monday night back in 1994 when they played Whitley Bay in the Northern Premier League. Surely he’s got to pick a more attacking starting line-up against a team with such a shocking defence? If he wants to play 4-4-2 they try playing both the wingers he’s signed plus at least one creative midfielder, either Hardy, or Guthrie in a more forward role? Hopefully no more of the horrible attempts at 3-5-2 with 7 defensive players, personally I’d like to see us try 4-3-3 or 4-3-1-2 as others have suggested.

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Can’t see them scoring can’t see us,0-0 bore draw sending more people to sleep than Harold Shipman.

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Precisely, no Kinsella on the wing please, we have some wingers.

Personally think we are crying out to play 4-3-3. With Gordon & Adabayo playing either side of Gaffney or Lavery in the middle.

Predicting a Nil-Nil.

1-0, to calm nerves after average start. Who will score, doesn’t matter. And to limit number of responses to read, when I’ll return ;). Last one had +350 replies.
On the other hand, first game I’ll miss, since introduction of IFollow, so cricket score is more probably.

It is, I know, totally inappropriate to suggest that any game in September is a “must win” game - but that is the way I feel about this and Saturday’s game.
I do think though that if we play anything other than our more usual 8-1-1 formation we can win this - so, nil nil it is then.
Oh, and Michal - if it is a cricket score then you’ll have to cancel your Follow subscription.

Their top scorer has scored 2 more league goals than we collectively have managed. Dismal run continues 0-1.

Trying to be optimistic I’m hoping that if we get a win tomorrow night our game against Scunthorpe will look and feel different and we could get 2 wins on the bounce and feel better. That is me hoping not predicting.

I personally saw things that Gafney did during the game on Saturday that gives me real hope for his partnership with Lavery (of course I’m not talking about his crosses :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Heart tells me 0-2 to us, head tells me 0-0 draw.


Hoping for a win expecting 0-0 bore.

A safe 3-0 win double our goals for and Gaffney hat trick, have I just said that or am I dreaming

Hoping for a chance to see us score a goal at last, but not holding my breath. 0-0 the most likely outcome.
Wouldn’t it be great to see us actually win a match? I’ve seen 3 matches, obviously not yet seen a goal. Only Bolton’s youth team have scored fewer goals than us in all 4 Divisions!

2-0 to us.

Lose this and I’ll start being concerned about us.

1-1 at best

How far have we fallen… This really is a game we should be wining against Morcambe fc (no disrespect) Anything less will bring me more frustration especially if we set up defensive and do not take the game to them. 2-1 to the saddlers


Would rather lose 5-4 than a nil nil bore. but attack and learn the art of scoring goals.

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Business as usual then. Another loss by the the illegal shrimp/whelk(takeyerpick) outfit - game over Mr DC. The writing is in the wall Mr Excuse. 0 - 2 - 3,987 to watch at some point !!!