Morecambe (A) - Tuesday 19th January, 7pm

“People can say what they want about me. But I’ve got a big heart and will keep going.” - Tyson Fury

Morecambe’s most famous resident. Although reading the quote again, it could quite easily be something Darrell Clarke said.

A wintery Tuesday night in Morecambe, how appealing that doesn’t sound. The good news is that we can’t go and freeze by standing on the terrace there. The bad news is that a lot of us will still watch via iFollow. We can only hope for an improvement.

Players that have played for both are quite limited, maybe some of the older Saddlers on here will know more and can fill us in, but to my knowledge there appears to only be Florent Cuvelier and Tom Brewitt (he played on trial for us the other pre-season).

Morecambe’s last six results are as follows:

12th Dec - Harrogate Town (H) - Won 1-0
15th Dec - Leyton Orient (H) - Won 2-1
19th Dec - Colchester United (A) - Won 2-1
26th Dec - Grimsby Town (H) - Won 3-1
10th Jan - Chelsea (A) (FAC3) - Lost 4-0
16th Jan - Leyton Orient (A) - Lost 2-0

Based on those results, they appear to be very strong at home, and I’d personally suggest we are better away from home, but judging on our recent performances I would make Morecambe favourites for this game (I can’t believe this is where we’ve found ourselves!).

Team selection for this game is likely to be drawn out of a hat again so feel free to let us all know who you would play instead. After Saturday’s encouraging 60 minutes I hope that Jack Nolan keeps his place, however I can see DC rotating him with Tyreik Wright. Who’d be a manager, eh?

Prediction for the game - I can’t see anything other than a draw at best for the Saddlers, but they always manage to surprise you when you least expect it. Fingers crossed.

Match Poll closes at Kick Off.

Morecame (A) Match Result
  • Morecambe Win
  • Goalless Draw
  • Score Draw
  • Walsall Win

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There was Craig Stanley, who spent five or six years with them I think, played a lot of games. I saw him play lots of reserve games and a few yoof team matches for us, but he never played a first team game for us, unless he appeared in an Auto Leyland Paint game that I’ve forgotten.
He was with us during the Championship years, so it would have been hard for him to break through at that level. I’m sure he’d be playing now if he was a kid with us. Then again, looking at Sam Perry, maybe not.

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I remember him well.We must have been at the same reserve games. He would be a decent player in the current set up. As for the match 1-1 is my prediction.


Refs gave 4 pelantys in 15 games.

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A tough game and a tough one to predict.
Nolan did ok on the right side yesterday, but just ok, nothing more.
I’d like to see the Villa loanee start on Tuesday just to see what he’s made of. He made be rubbish, though I doubt that given the articles I’ve read about him. He was also recommended by Deano, that’s good enough for me.
A sneaky 1-0 win will do nicely.

Although so was Justin Shaibu.

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It’s all about competition for places in that particular position isn’t it we now have 2 right wingers in Nolan and Wright (3 with McDonald but he likes him the opposite side) Josh isn’t one so now Nolan knows this he all of a sudden turns up he must have been thinking “are you taking the ■■■■ playing Josh there” and has probably sulked a little it happens now there’s an actual winger come in it’s probably gave him a kick up the Aristotle imagine what would have happened if DC had have done this earlier when us minnows had been screaming for one.

Can remember going there early last season and Morecambe were one of the worst pro sides I’d ever seen, was an early winner from Sinclair IIRC.

Thought Morecambe were certs for non league but guess Maccelsfield getting deducted points every other week saved them in long run.

Done very well this season considering it’s largely the same team particularly upfront. Derek Adams did a decent job at Plymouth I think.

It’s a pretty big game given up to yesterday Morecambe had been in top 7 for quite a few weeks. Would go above them with a win so given how the season has panned out so far…2-0 defeat from the annual top 7 nosebleed.

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They are extremely good at home, I foresee a defeat here and more headloss amongst the fans :joy:

Derek Adams is a bit of a ■■■■ but he’s doing an awesome job there.

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0-4 Walsall

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :laughing: :joy:

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Quite right there will be nil for Walsall. I see what you did :crazy_face::joy:

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Yep, they were the worst team I’ve ever seen in a pro league, anywhere. Credit to Derek Adams as he came in and they’re pretty much flying in comparison to where they were. Bombed out Kevin Ellison too at the ripe old age of 41 (he had the last laugh as he’s now at Newport!)

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To ifollow or not to ifollow that is the question what is the answer?

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Probably will lol.

Just Do It.

If the tropical storm we have been promised up here from tomorrow onwards comes to fruition I cannot see the fixture going ahead.
If it does we have an advantage, as we are used to ‘training’ (again I use that word loosely) in 6" of water!
A cancellation would save us from another defeat so soon after DC’s calamitous substitutions on Saturday that lost us 2 points.
Can anyone imagine what team he would pick out of the hat for this match?? Sinclair in goal, Nolan left back, Lavery at centre half and Tireeek not even getting splinters?
What a lottery Eh, and everything carrying on at the Bescot as if all is well. Are our Directors living in some sort of ‘dream world’ where Clarke’s futile and inept management of our team is OK? Perhaps they are, and it’s only us supporters that just imagine the hapless shambles our team portray. Lack of uptake on season tickets might make them see sense? No breath holding on that score!

Really not sure I’m gonna bother watching this tonight, I think all season i have only really enjoyed watching maybe 3 games, think it might do me good to miss this one… reckon we will lose 2-1… mighty Morecombe will just be too strong

I maybe completely wrong here Worsul but I’m getting a weird feeling that you don’t hold our much coveted, badge winning, tactical project manager in very high esteem :flushed:

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Crawley v Stevenage tonight is off due to Covid cases at Colchester.