Morecambe (H) 28th Jan, 7:45pm

“Golden mile to Morecambe Bay,
Turn the lights out, there’s nothing more to say”

- Goodnight Kiss, Black Box Recorder (2000)

Apologies, this is a brief one - very busy week…

The Shrimps

Morecambe are 23rd in League Two, 10 places and 13 points behind the Saddlers. Their current record stands at P29 W5 D8 L16 F25 A51 Pts23. They are the worst travelling team in the division, winning twice in 14 away games this season with an goal difference of -21.

Recent League Form

Jan 01 Bradford (A) Lost 1-0
Jan 11 Colchester (H) Drew 1-1
Jan 14 Port Vale (H) Won 2-1
Jan 18 Northampton (A) Lost 4-1
Jan 25 Cambridge (H) Drew 1-1

Previous Meeting

This is Morecambe’s first ever visit to Walsall. Lucky them.

The Saddlers won the reverse game 1-0 back in September, courtesy of a Stuart Sinclair goal. This was at the time Walsall’s first win in eight games.

Played For Both

‘Flo - Flo will tear his right calf, again…’


6-0 Walsall, Gaffney double-hatrick.

Match Poll

  • Walsall Win
  • Draw
  • Morecambe Win

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Thanks for starting this off…2-0 to the saddlers for me.

If ever there was a “no excuses” game this is it. We should be putting these to the sword. By a distance the worst side I’ve seen so far this season in the reverse fixture.


Don’t win this it’s disgusting simple as. No excuses. Damn straight.

2-0 Walsall. (Scarr and Gordon)

3,557 (93 Morecambe)

Play the right team we should beat them…

2-1 Lavs with both

3100 (75away)

2-1 Gordon and Lavery 3666 in attendance.

Easy win. Morecambe are rubbish.
4075 att with about 50 away fans

I think this is actually quite an important game for DC. Morecambe have taken 8 points from 14 away games this season, we’ve just lost to a team that was on the verge of setting a record since last scoring a home goal and went into the game without their top scorer having sold their other main striker two days earlier, a team who’s only two wins since the Nov 2nd have been against us!
Need some positive sensible team selection, followed by a good, winning performance, and no excuses.

Even though this is a potential damp squib of a spectacle, that likely won’t make a jot of difference to the long or short-term trajectory of Walsall Football Club, it’s all been thoroughly worthwhile, just for that “Flo will tear his right calf” quip in the original post. Top stuff, @simon .

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Wow, we’ve been waiting since 1888 for this visit, what a spectacle.
2-1 win. Soldier Aston and CJ Shaw for us, Grandad Ellison for them.
3,000 attend with gate receipts of 350 guineas.
Rest of the season to be abandoned due to consumption.


I hate such games. Games, when we must, not only we can win. No prediction from me, only I hope, I won’t be ■■■■■■ off, when this game finish. Or when I’ll see squad for today.

A banana skin, depends on what team DC puts out and if he continues to stick square pegs in round holes, i would hope that we win but Morecombe are not just going to roll over, 1-1 for me with roberts getting the equilizer after DC decides he is better up front because of his height :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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A real lowlight of the season, possibly last twenty years. The light drops even lower following suggestions from the club that we are no longer able to compete. Cant wait.

We struggled against Stevenage. I’m expecting a much better performance but I’m not confident we will get it.

Can’t wait for this one on a freezing January night.

Guessing the tinkermans starting 11 is probably the most interesting thing about tonight.
Where will Clarke play? Left back/ right back or in the middle. Who knows.

2-0 loss

I think, at times like these, its important to show solidarity with the board and management of the club.
And, seeing as they seem to have written this season off before the end of January, then so shall I - I won’t be attending.
As for the result - as already stated, it depends on what ■■■■-eyed selection gets thrown onto the pitch doesn’t it?

Depends on what strange formation DC puts out tonight.
Probably heavy on defence, Morecambe being such a force in the league! Super striker Adebayo up front on his own again, DC maintaining that there IS a player in that frame somewhere.
Less than 3,500 in freezing rainy conditions, to endure another damp squib performance from both teams, but with some goals, 2-2 for me, Ellison to score for them and us.

2-1 with a last minute winner to get DC off the hook for now

3715 - 88 from cockle country