Morgan Ferrier joins Walsall

A striker from Boreham Wood.

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Very interesting signing, scored 18 at National league last season for D&G and then the Wood.

Has a bit of pace and power about him. Saw him play v Arsenal in a friendly a few weeks back (the Mother supports Arsenal) and he kept skinning Bellerin and Papadopahlos so one to watch I reckon.

And a fee as well
Maybe things ain’t that bad :thinking:

Looks like an absolutely mossive front two.

Sounds promising.

Skinning Bellerin when he isn’t a slouch by any means - sounds like he’s quick and exciting.

Sounds a perfect foil for Cook.

Intriguing signing.

Later than we would have liked but shrewd business. Hope he starts up too tomorrow with Cook tomorrow - he’s had a full pre-season, albeit with Boreham Wood. Now looking forward to tomorrow afternoon.


About time we took advantage of some potentially decent quality from non league, quite excited by this.

From the Boreham wood website:

“A release clause applies whereby Boreham Wood FC agrees to allow the player to speak to another club with a view to discussing a transfer. This would be subject to the following conditions: 

– Boreham Wood receive a formal written offer from the buying club

– A transfer fee of no less than £35,000 (thirty-five thousand) will be payable

– Both clubs will agree a sell-on fee and/or additional terms 

“In the event that the above conditions in this release clause are satisfied, Boreham Wood shall immediately notify the player, and, if he wishes to transfer to such other club, Boreham Wood shall be required to (and shall) agree to the transfer of the player’s registration without delay and shall do everything necessary to effect such transfer of the player.”

The sell on was agreed with Tranmere at 20% but the Ferrier turned down the move.

A great signing imo

Wait, wait. A striker? Who scores goals? Signed for money? 2 year deal with a third year option in our favour?

Nope, cant be us - we don’t do this!

Let’s face it, we now currently have a potential 30+ goal strikeforce on our hands (albeit at non-league level) but finally we are showing that we can pip rivals to signings. Well done to the club for getting this one over the line, are they all registered with the league in time for tomorrow i wonder?


Feeeeeee!!! There’s got to be a monetised outgoing today otherwise JB will be need defribulating.
Got to be happy with today’s business.


Like West Midlands Travel buses.
Wait for one and poxty 3 come along :fireworks:

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This is it from 2:18, beats Bellerin and then takes Sokratis to the cleaners with his pace.

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Wow! 3 signings in one day… and a fee involved. I’m going for a lie down. Something to be happy and optimistic about - I’m looking forward to tomorrow now. Well done Deano, you took your time but it looks like you got there in the end.

Another solid signing, excellent. Can we wish for a midfielder too??

Also heard the commentator saying “ferrier screaming for the ball” which is a good sign - a striker with some vocal presence!!

If there’s any potential left in him, and if we don’t ship him out now, this signing could be what’s needed to give Baka the kick up the backside he needs. Could learn a lot from a front two of Cook and Ferrier if they work out, and he will finally have to fight for his place. Could even be a handy substitute to stretch defences, maybe…

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Agree. I’d be disappointed if we let Baka go now.

Two new strikers from non league then, interesting times.

It is still a step up but Posh haven’t seemed to have done too badly with signing non league strikers in last 10 years and that’s earned them about 20m from all the sales they’ve made.