Morgan Ferrier joins Walsall

Certainly a step up, but if we keep the football simple, it could well turn out to be a shrewd bit of business.

Bit concerned about the lateness of our business - clearly none of these players were plan A, or B (otherwise why leave it so late?).

Would like to see a senior permanent midfield signing next week, currently way too much pressure on a 37 year old and Dobson

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Yep, shame we couldn’t get Bradden Inman.


You tube clips of Ferrier. Looks quick, direct, but not the finished article.
But good to have 2 strikers who will score goals and will make us a threat going forward.

Some controversy from Boreham Wood leading up to this though:

■■■■ me he looks like a right ■■■■■■■ to play against. Certainly the type of player we’ve missed in this squad. You’re a threat at any level if you have pace and power like him. He looks raw but in a very good way! Very exciting.

AFC Wimbledon’s offer of 35k plus 25% sell on was considerably less than Tranmere’s so was rejected. This surely means we have either; a) paid more than 35k initial transfer fee, or b) given them a higher sell on percentage (30% plus maybe) or included other clauses in the deal - appearance/scoring clauses maybe?

The main thing is I hope we haven’t dealt with that agent and he has new representatives. Especially after it has been said on here we won’t deal with upto 90% of agents, i’d be very surprised to see us deal with one of this type.

Well obviously we have but i don’t care. Agents are part of modern day football.

Erm and “obviously” we might not have considering that article is dated 21/7/2018 and in those 13 days Morgan might have gone back to Leon Anderson.

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How is it obvious? He could have changed agents again due to what was happening.

The point I am making is, if Walsall FC won’t deal with a heap of other agents on principle of strong arming deals, it goes against everything they are saying and means we are missing out on proven players - and for what reason if they just do this when the going gets tough. Or are the rumours of not dealing with agents just that…

Can’t really complain about that signing. Exactly the sort of player Keates said he wanted to play alongside Cook.

Of course, there’s a risk in that he’s unproven, will no doubt be very raw, and may well take time to settle, but when we consider the aisles Keates is allowed to shop in, this one at least has a bit of potential.

So a couple of weeks ago. Yeah he could of. His agent could be a Mr A Hitler for all I give a ■■■■ to be honest.

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And I’m not saying that’s false. We live in a world now where clubs have to deal with these people. Jorge Mendes is the biggest strong armer out there. And the most famous, most successful of the lot. ■■■■■■ fans don’t seem to mind dealing with him. I’m glad our attitude is changing.

You’re missing my point.

If the club refuse to deal with certain agents due to how they work, which means we miss out on potential signings, but then deal with one like this makes the club look stupid. I understand why we may have changed tact, especially as supporters we be coming disgruntled due to the lack of activity, but if this decision had been made sooner it would have avoided this altogether and given us more time to work with a settled squad.

The player changed his agent back to the original one. The agent who caused all the bother was not involved in our deal to buy the player.

How on earth am I missing the point? I’m not denying what you are saying is the case, I’m saying it’s a positive not a negative. Makes the club look stupid? Why? That we act like every other club would for a change?

Oh so now we should have made ourselves look stupid earlier?


No because what is the point in sticking to your guns for all that time, to then change at the very last minute just to appease people? It does make them look stupid and more importantly desperate.

I never said I didn’t want us to deal with the other 99.9% of agents, just this one. If he was to have still been with this agent what would have stopped him from doing the exact same thing to Walsall FC in 6/12 months time if he has a good season. I would have just like us to make this decision sooner and we may have signed a better calibre of player with league experience and had more time to bed them in.

But hey that’s just my opinion - obviously :roll_eyes:

Some fans really will moan about anything.

And some fans don’t like it when others don’t agree with what they are saying. Surely this is a place to voice opinions without being jumped on.

I asked a question and then was told the answer was obvious, when in actual fact it wasn’t.

Granted. I assumed it was obvious and was wrong. More to the point I said it was irrelevant which is why I bothered checking.

Apparently to some it isn’t. God knows why. Just because you have a right to your opinion that doesn’t mean it can’t be questioned.