Morris off to Tranmere?


Would be great if used as part of a deal to bring Norwood in but wishful thinking.


Reading between the lines of his Mom’s post,this was what DK thought was best for him at the start of the season.


Good player on his day , unfortunately they only come 2-3 times a season.

Wish him all the luck in the world.


Not good enough at this level. Poor defensively and doesn’t offer enough threat going forward (except for a couple of good games per season). These are my own views, not using social media to attack the guy and would say it to his face. :rofl:


It’s a shame really because it seemed at the start of the season that he was about to kick on again. I don’t think it help that Keates dropped him when he was having his best spell in the team since he came back on loan from Wrexham. You can possibly question his desire given that he hasn’t really put up a fight to get his place back, which I can’t imagine is a trait Keates wants around the place.

I don’t think it helped him either that Whitney played him in midfield for two years when quite clearly, he’s never been cut out for that role. Best decision for all parties really


What should’ve been. I hope he goes and tears up league two. Misused by Whitney. Didn’t do the basics under Keates. Could’ve been so different.
Good luck to him anyway.


I Think i’d keep him until the end of the season personally


About his level I’d say could do well there.


Needs a move, hope he gets a good one. He’s 24 now and could be playing regularly at a lower level.


A former favourite of mine, offered so much promise. One prepared to shoot when others have not got the bottle, but hasn’t matured to be the footballer he should be, some of the blame for that is his own. Excellent first touch. Good luck to him.


Meh! If we want to progress then these are the types who should be let go. Lge 2 about his level tbh


Don’t feel he has been given a fair crack this season. This on the back of a couple of seasons under Whitney whose coaching staff didn’t appear to have any obvious attacking expertise.

Looked in top form earlier in the year, scored some important goals and yet didn’t get a run.

I also think Keates inability to manage a game out and then subsequently calling out the players has also impacted Kieron. Kieron has lots of positive traits but doubling up as a second full-back, especially against quality players such as those in the Sunderland side, would not be one of them.

I think it is time for him to move on as sometimes a manger just doesn’t fancy a player and I think this is one of those occasions. A fresh start for him at Tranmere seems like a good outcome for everyone. I’d wish him nothing but success.


The guy has 26 appearances this season (on top of the 125 appearances he’s already had) to prove himself. And every day in training.

I thought he made a good start to but he’s literally offered nothing since October. It’s got nothing to do with a manager not fancying him, he’s not good enough at this level.


I enjoy it when people selectively use stats to their own end.

Kieron Morris 17 (9) 5 1 0

26 appearances, yes - though 17 starts. a goal pretty much every 3 starts is satisfactory for a winger. I would much rather have him than the waste of money that is Ismail.

I like Morris, but I feel he hasn’t been persevered with and given a ‘run in the team’.


How is it selective? He’s made 26 appearances. See I said appearances not starts?

Even by your “non selective stat” he’s made 17 starts and 9 from the bench, more than enough to make an impression. He did at the start of the season when he made that impact. He’s played a lot of football since then and done nothing.

Interesting you chose to pick on my “selective stat” then argued his stats are good enough for a goal every other game. Yes but the last time he scored in the league was October and he’s made plenty of appearances since then, that’s fact not a stat. And by the way, as you say his goal rate is very good for a winger. He has one assist all season. That is arguably a more important stat for a winger. Especially when he’s got a striker like Andy Cook to aim at.

Guy has over 100 appearances (no idea how many are starts/subs but you get the gist) he’s had more than enough chances.


I’d let him go. Bags of potential but very rarely reached. Wish him well. I think League 2 may be his natural level.


Yep certainly agree with the Ismail part , that bloke a waste of a salary.


He’s 24,how long does he need to fulfil his promise,when you think of players who play regular 1st team football in the championship at 18,19 & 20…I think he’s missed the boat.


Exactly. The club and player have persevered, clearly has some talent but hasn’t quite worked out. Best for both parties to move on. I sincerely hope he proves us wrong.


It would be good for him to go somewhere else. He hasn’t really fulfilled the promise that he once showed. I think he is a good player and with the right Manager may do well. I would suggest we have a sell on clause just in case!!