Most Obscure Former Players

So, im just intrigued to hear what people remember about the more obscure players that have graced the pitch for the Saddlers. These players could have just played a game for the club or just are completely forgettable.

I’ll start with a few;

  • Carlos Carneiro joined in 2007 played 3 scored none, the Portuguese striker lasted like 3 months before leaving us
  • Anton Peterlin 2011-12 31 games no goals and definitely a player to forget
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Allen Picken. Joined 2007, signed by Dickie Dosh who knew him at Newcastle Jets. He had a long-term knee problem, struggled through two appearances, and then retired.

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Had a 100% win record though

Larossa. Scored a wonderful goal from the half way line then never played again

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Do I remember incorrectly then that he scored the equalizer in a 2-2 draw at Lincoln?

Geordie Lyall, Canadian defender in 2006. Don’t think he made a first team appearance.

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Just looked it up. It was Fangueiro, not Carneiro.

¡Ay, caramba!

Bertrand Bossu, French Goalkeeper


Was he the one who played in a 0-0 draw at Chester during our title winning season ? Friday night game.


I was thinking Gus Uhlenbeek but he did play 5 games for us. Then I realised who I was actually trying to remember was his countryman Gijsbert Bos - did he even get on the pitch?

BTW Are these the only 2 Dutch players we’ve had? Not exactly Cruyff or Bergkamp …

Pierre Essers, Dutch striker played one game in 1991-92. Completely forgettable.


To warm up pre-match I think.

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1970s goalkeeper Roger Cunningham…

That was he.

Would have been one of the best players we’d have had for a long time if he’d stayed fit. Based on the two performances I saw.

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Quite a few from that era when Merson was desperate.

David Perpetuini (purple Tweenie)
Daryl Taylor (Ishy-lite, started with a bang before evaporating)
Joe Broad (became a legend at Truro)
Kevin James (can’t remember much more than the name)
Leroy Williams (see above)

Krystian Bielik, I remember when we signed him no one could believe it, 6 weeks down the line I think we all realised we’d never see him in a Walsall shirt lol.

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There were quite a few during the Hibbert years that I’d like to forget.

But what about Adolphous Ofodile? I remember him coming on as sub midweek away at Exeter (I think it was the game that Marshy got sent off for handling on the line but might be mistaken) but that’s about it.


Carlos Andre, a Sun Tan Man special, played around half a dozen games in 01/02

Gary Wales, scored against Forest I think on his debut, rest of his time followed the usual script