Murray McKee

New head of operations

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On LinkedIn if anyone interested…


“Today Im proud to announce I officially started my new position of Head of Operations at Walsall Football Club Limited Pulling together my two passions of event management and football, I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into the new role, it’s exciting challenges and getting to know and work alongside the team that make this football club run so smoothly.”

I think I might have spotted what his first “exciting challenge” might entail.

Good luck Murray!!

Would you adam-and-eve it! I’ve heard of this guy. A top operations manager from a bar chain with many years experience in the music industry.

Despite being told my kind of experience is not relevant to criticise our COO, and I must not understand what the remit is of the role is, they have appointed the exact kind of person I have been championing for a decade.

Not even going to comment on the ongoing shambles. Its all pretty much as expected. The usual sticking plaster on a gaping wound with a 4 page essay of why the treatment is amazing. So I’ll just say, good luck Murray, your gonna need it son.


Looks to be an interesting appointment. Totally different from his predecessor with experience in the music and events arenas. Good luck Murray and welcome aboard.


A very interesting appointment. Well done to the club. Yet another example of these incremental changes that trivela say they are making. Hopefully he will be given a wide enough remit and the authority and budget to really make positive things happen.


The splitting of the operations side from the company secretary role made this appointment possible. Good move by our owners.


Good luck and best wishes to the new head of operations, it will be interesting to see how he raises a very low bar of fans experiences and expectations.

I expect he will be in limbo about what to do very soon.


How low can you get, give him a chance.


Interesting appointment given @funk_hits_the_fan’s comments but this statement smacks of “everything works, so business as usual”. :man_facepalming:

I’m genuinely interested as to why you would think “business as usual”? Even funk admits that this person is the type he’d been suggesting for years, because of the skillset. Then, as walsall one points out, they’ve split the operations manager and company secretary role so that this person can be appointed and not burdened with that administrative role. What’s not to like? And what would have been a better appointment, in your view?


Best of luck to Muzza. McKeep up the good work!

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They’ll soon knock that out of him. He’ll soon be towing the line and giving us the Matchday experience that has driven us to places like the railway club and McDonald’s.

Ouch, gone off the rails there mate.

Purely based on that statement. He is suggesting he thinks the football club runs smoothly, so that would imply there is nothing to improve. Everything else you mention is positive and I hope he does well, it just feels that comment is unneccesary given the apparent problems and unrest at the moment.

Is this role seperate to the Head of Marketing and Fan Experience that we were promised back in the summer or does that come under McKees remit?

Who is Murray McKee?
I didn’t vote for him.


He’s just walked into a new job, hopefully with an air of positivity. I think that’s pretty standard fare for a joining interview. I’d be very disturbed if he walked in and said “I’m here to shake things up because the current lot dont know what they’re doing”!


His bar and event management experience handy too with the reopening of the Saddlers club