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Mussa signs





Who ???


He looks like Ahmed Musa (Nigerian) - 26 years old, Leicester City paid a reported £18 million for his services a few years ago, and loaned him back to CSKA Moscow…

He doesn’t look like Franck Moussa (again)!


Is it the one on the left or the right?



theres this poem about him …and he sounds class :rofl::rofl:


I’d rather us be signing some defenders instead of a Milan Butterfield v2


IF it’s the same guy, he signed for a Saudi side only last August for $14.5 million :open_mouth::open_mouth:


Omar Mbanza Mussa Rukundo (born 18 November 1980) is a Burundian international footballer, who has played for most of his professional career in Belgium, he plays for Belgian team SK Wilrijk in the 1ste provinciale Antwerpen league.

seriously this time , just found this is this the guy ?


Forget all that (probably) … Omar Mussa is a 6ft striker who has been playing in the Belgian 1st provincial league. He’s a Burundian native, and he’s 38 years of age…


What club is he from?




This one?


Or this one?



I did as soon as I read it :wink:


sounds about right then Welshy don’t you think :rofl::rofl:


He is 18 years old so no.


Im guessing he’s the 18 year old Belgian rather than the 38 year old Barundian. You never know though.


sorry only mucking about …:joy:


Is that his mum or his Mrs?


Some guy on this forum seemed to be ITK on this transfer last week so maybe he can give bit more info.