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Mussa signs


hope she knows how to do beef burgers in the kiosks


Go easy, she’s just fixed the Bogs in the lower! One task at a time…


i heard he was here last week training so that makes sense , think she was still working on them when i tried to get in there against Luton as i got close she shouted …them closed mate


Feckin brilliant comment :joy:


She’s already had a bigger impact than Martin then





The club aught to be thoroughly ashamed.
And who the hell is this guy? Did he just turn up at the door wearing a Walsall scarf and declare he had signed for us?


Peak UTS this.

He’s somewhere between 18 to 38. He’s from somewhere between Burundi and Belgium and he’s worth anything from free to 18 million pounds.

And that still hasn’t stopped a certain ancient poster from decreeing that the club should be ashamed of itself again.

Brilliant. Please never change.


Assuming this is correct Vital Walsall reporting that it is the 18 year old midfielder…an under 19 international for Belgium on a deal until the end of the season. Until I read that I agreed with comment above …what an hilarious thread this is.


Ashamed …Why?


My calendar is broken. I see it is still first day of January, first day of winter transfer window, but WFC signed two players. He can play as right winger too it seems.


Only problem is no one knows if they’ll be any good …:joy:


But what’s his mum gonna do?


we’ve discussed that already , keep up Wiltsy

shes fixing the bogs …:poop:

and then doing the burgers remember :hamburger:


From his instagram account


Thats nice , :joy: showing us all what his moms just painted bless …


…i’ll get me coat …


Toilets are looking better already.


Apologies Red&White

Is he any good?


Were previous posts on this signing too specific for you @el_nombre or? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’ll accept apologies by mail or …?