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Mussa signs


If he signs Gerrard any faith I had in keats has gone.Gerrard is just the type of player we don’t want.


I’d rather we sign Lisa Gerrard.

But can I just point out it’s KEATES. Dean KEATES.


Leave off. I thought his post was poetic.


Just read his Instagram account and he has left before kicking a ball. Apparently his mrs has read this thread :joy:


Some clips of him playing. Apparently it’s his Mom not his Mrs.


Well that must be a relief…for him anyway…:grin:


Are we actually signing Ant Gerrard ?? We can do better than that surely ?


Yeah. …sign Mussa’s mom , I certainly wouldn’t fancy tackling her …:wink:


We are signing him. Shipping out Morris and ismail is not dependent on the signing.

Be nice if they both went. We may as just pay up ismails contract for what he offers


Again, sources? Where have you heard this? From your neighbors, cats ex-owners non binary siblings dad? Or maybe from a friend of a friend who befriended a friend who’s friends with Gerrard?


Jeff Bonser’s pet hamster informed me on the quiet about Gerrard’s return to the club at our last poker night.


Has Matt Jarvis been on the sunbed??!


Fat and bald - not very appealing!


“A wall that was actually built by Mexicans: loaded nacho, chimichanga-tastic”

Perhaps not so far fetched after all


We want a shrubbery.


No need to get personal! :grin: