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Mussa signs


At least keep them priivet


But is that is mum or his girlfriend


Topiary post.


The shear audacity! It’s bloody bonsai!


I can’t twig why we keep doing this


I wasn’t criticising him for buying pop in the same way I wouldn’t criticise a footballer.for having a McDonald’s! It just looked funny to see someone ‘famous’ doing something so mundane! I was more commenting about his physical appearance tbh and how that translates to being a decent signing or not. Maybe he is super fit and on it now having been playing for Carlisle this season.


Carlisle Utd have won their last 5 games, and Gerrard has played 90 minutes in each one - the two most recent games have seen him yellow-carded …


Personally, Gerrard on a 6 month contract makes perfect sense to me. A step up from Carlisle so a reasonable chance of twisting his arm and he has proven over Xmas that he can be in a winning team and be a commanding presence. Add Benning too and the defence starts to look far more solid.


Personally I reckon Gerrard would offer more to the team than this youngster.


Yeah I thought that. Without being the best signing, weve made far worse and he will bring a bit of know how and experience. His record at carlisle is great. And its not going to be expensive either. Just need to ship out the deadwood. Ismail hopefully in the january window as well as Morris


and you are to … fank yew werry mutch …image


Oh, so now the deal will only go through if we ship a few out? Oh okay now it all makes sense :joy:


The last few times I’ve seen Gerrard play he looked twice the player he used to be…


Literally or figuratively? :joy:




Would he be a big presence in the dressing room?


I heard he’s big on corpulent punishment.


This is a wind up, isn’t it??? But there again we would only need a " one man wall" at free kicks against us!!!


A wall that was actually built by Mexicans: loaded nacho, chimichanga-tastic.


I thought the funding for a wall had been blocked. Uncle Jeef must have better contacts than we thought.