My toughest time as a manager

Clarke today saying its hes toughest time as a manager .Well it isnt fun watching either Darrell. Is he going to lose the dressing room by saying criticism is there and if they can’t handle the criticism out there and from a manager when they’re not doing well, then they shouldn’t be footballers should they.
Go and stack shelves at Asda . Any asda workers on here Lol.

“if they want me to put an arm around them and say everything is going to be ok, they’d better get in a new manager”

Clearly learnt very little doing all of these coaching badges if he thinks this one size fits all approach works. Here’s a clue to good management - Romaine Sawyers would now be plying his trade in non league somewhere if he hadn’t had a proper manager who knew that he DID need an arm around his shoulder and to have his confidence built up so that he could truly express himself as a player.

To be honest, when I read his soundbites like this, I really do feel we’ve got the wrong man.


Odd isn’t it ,that he’s seems more aware of the different challenges each opponent presents with his projects, but less so the individual differences between his own players?


Being a manager in any business is tough, if you don’t deliver you are replaced.
Cut out the bull**** and do what you are paid to do

“I’m a rubbish manager”.
You could have mentioned it before we gave you a 3 year contract :joy::joy::joy:


I agree with some of the comments above. I just hope that the soundbites for the press are just that. People are individuals and even in a team context they need treating as such. This was Dean Smith’s greatest ability which we can see working at Aston Villa…always supportive of his players in public but firm in private when required.
This is especially true of younger players who need lots of support especially if they have a bad game or are in a bad run of form. if the some of the comments attributed to him are accurate and he means them then I fear for our future as it going to be about bringing on youngsters and players from lower levels.


See boys i disagree in ways with you all…Last season everyone slatted DK for being all nice and ■■■■ reply with no passion…DC speaks very honest and very open which is refreshing too see and hear, Agreed for some of the young boys them words arnt gunna be good but hes telling them the truth he being ‘real’, These boys only have there own future at stake here and this level all those mistakes are not good enough especially when he brought them in and they knew what they would need too give too this club and very few have done so, so i think hes right too call them out right now, if were ■■■■ in our job we get called and told too fix up these boys are no different they are paid too do a job they are not doing which they should be capable of…10 games for some them before they hit none league and feel the real struggle so yeah i agree DC they need too be told. Also im sure he dosent just rip into them hes working hard with them behind the scenes too help build them but clearly they arnt taking it in.

But why did he bring them in, in the first place as I’ve said before you would like to think that he knew these players strengths and weaknesses before he signed them .
If he didn’t that makes it even worse .
Which is why I’m afraid I have zero confidence in him signing anything better in January .
Really hope I’m wrong.

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He thought a lot more of them and clearly they have let him down massivly, Surely a bloke can only pick a team he thinks is good enough but if the players just dont turn up hes stumped…Im not make excuses or even trying too says its ok because its not its a mess atm but he talks very honest and very passionate and its been a long time since we had that! January is key too DC so wait till then before we start going OTT

What does talking do ? You could put a professional speaker in front of the microphone / camera and he could make you believe what he wants you to .
But can he bring some even average players in .
Because so far DC has a very poor success rate .

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Can he ‘force’ them too perform? They have let us all down in all area’s, Hes admited hes messed up with some of them but as a small club we have too take chances on these players and hope they come good save spending money we dont have, He knows whats wrong and he knows whats needed, He wants it for us and his own career so i have faith…Some of his tactics are a bit of a puzzle but we dont know how they train or injures etc et… its been 3 month of a new squad it always gunna be tough too get a the ‘prefect’ squad straight off the bat so in January well see what DC is really about…Im the first on here too moan and prob will be Saturday but thats just my love for WFC wanting the win but in real i know it wasnt gunna be a quick fix, We put up with enough ■■■■ over the years let try ride this bad patch and back them as much as we can! Block 4 will be rocking tomoz and well try give them as much as we can!

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I agree with some of that , but never expected a perfect squad I’m fully aware of the difficulty in signing players at any level , but really a lot of what he has signed are clearly not even close to what’s required , and that’s taking into account that we are unlikely to be able to sign players of proven quality , but some of these just look clueless and no where near what’s required

Fully agree pal and i think DC agrees too and that what hurts him the most, the boys he put a bit of trust in too come good have failed massively. Lidl,Holden are 2 of the worst players ive ever seen, They couldnt care less if we win or loose.

Yes mate , even the the ones that are ok are only just about that .
To be honest apart from possibly Jules the rest are really poor even the better ones ,!

Its goto hurt as a manager giving some of these boys a chance a bit of trust for them too crumble at the first bit of pressure, Jules has come on leaps and bounds, And i also love SS i just how much he works and wants it, maybe not always great on the ball but if he looses it he hunts it down which so many others dont. Were all hurting from DC, us, SOME players, the chairman but as a club we just goto get grinding it and well get there i hope because if not weve got huge problems

Hopefully tomorrows better , least should be able to get a pint a bit quicker

GUnna be a bad day 2morrow i can see it coming…

Cook gunna put one in infront of HS stand followed by a salute too us all
under 4k there
Que at the bar as usual cos its ■■■■■■■ down
and a loss on the record for another day we fail too score and we give away a silly goal
boo’s at end and people go home wet and ■■■■■■ off

the joys of WFC

My personal opinion is this approach is the wrong one I’d rather him take players aside at training and say listen Mat you shouldn’t have got sent off in the last game watch this video if you’d have done x y z then the mistake wouldn’t have happened get the next player in and say you should have been 5 yards further up the pitch or why didn’t you show him onto his left foot we’ve worked on this the week before the game we all know the bloke ain’t got a left foot etc etc then let them go away and hopefully they improve if they don’t you just keep doing these things then January you get them in and say thanks for your service good luck to you and the family in the future but it isn’t working out that’s more of a professional approach to me then you get money for them because like I’ve said before now it’s all out there who’s going to sign them now?

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They only train for a couple’of hours 4 days a week , it would take a lot longer than that to go through all the mistakes this lot are making , plus you need some basic ability ,intelligence,desire to to put the information into practice .

MAybe hes already done this and still go no where and also thought the fans would want too hear it…i dunno its a tough one because each person does it there own way…

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