Nathan Sheron Signs

Midfielder on loan from Fleetwood until the end of the season.

Hopefully to be converted into a permanent signing if he is good asset.

Listed as 5ft 10 on here:

Not quite the giant we were promised

I was expecting a 6 ft+ attacking midfielder, ummmm

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Played 37 games in his career, 12 as a Central Midfielder and 11 as a Centre Half. The other 14 as a fullback.

Nathan is nephew of former Manchester City striker, Mike Sheron.

there are fans slagging him off already on twitter .makes me laugh really fans were slagging nolan off before he played saying to young and no experience and look at his debut hopefully sheron can silence the already doubting fans


Really don’t get the plan here. I thought we needed attack minded players and 6 foot plus?

I’m sure he’s a lovely fellow, but we already have Kinsella, Bates, Sinclair, Guthrie that can play that position. It’s not even a case of saying he won’t be very good, he might be. I just think we have other priorities at the moment that need addressing.

But Clarke loves a lad who can play DM/CB/FB it seems.

This just hits home how far we have fallen as a club :slightly_frowning_face:

You cant class Guthrie has a defensive midfielder

Yes, I can. Barely gets out of his own half. Deep lying, if you don’t like defensive.


The only reason he stays in his own half is because he ain’t got the legs on him, plus you need to tackle and track back to be classed has a defensive midfielder

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So he is Deep Lying? cool.

So now we have a deep lying midfield who can defend, hence why it’s a good signing


Other than Sinclair, Kinsella and Bates you mean?

Can only think that we are releasing a couple of OUR midfielders? otherwise we have a bit of a glut.

Sinclair - who’s Injured
Kinsella - who’s form hasn’t been great
Bates - the inexperienced youngster

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I guess hes lidl replacement,

We have ALfie who is 18 and perry who is 18 who will be in and out the squad a lot…

Gutherie and Sinc are old are injury prone which leaves kins and holden

We needed another body in the middle who had a bit of games under his belt too help steady up…

Ive never heard of him but that dont mean too say hes gunna be as bad as lidl or as good as wes you just never knew so lets see and give the lad a chance.

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He was literally the best player on the pitch Saturday for long spells of the game. Our fans and Kinsella is a bizarre one.

How do you get experience again? He’s not played much less than this lad

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What can they possibly find to lie about on a football field in the middle of a football match?