New contract for McEntee


Good news


Thanny will be delighted!

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I still have my doubts when it comes to his overall midfield game but his numbers are decent, can play multiple positions and always puts in a shift so I’d say this is a decent bit of business.


So that’s Daniels, Farquharson, McEntee, Stirk, Maher, Johnson and Hutchinson contracted for next season already.

Oteh, Williams and Foulkes having an option for another year and hopefully Evans, Gordon and Knowles given new deals too.

Good base of the team going forward, hopefully that means any transfers made in future will be ones that genuinely improve us.


Agreed, this is fantastic news and we have a really solid base to build from. Hopefully the days of 10+ players in and out each summer are over.


Good news and good to see us thinking in a more forward fashion than in previous years. Read yesterday that the entire Morecambe squad is out of contract next year, So up for sale no squad and non Derek Adams, we maybe not where we want but it could be worse.

Fans have been asking for continuity over the years and saying we won’t get anywhere with virtually a new squad every season so surely it can only be good news to many fans that this is now happening.


Think we can do better than Evans and Knowles as it stands like.


Really loves him doesn’t he.

Pleased to have such a promising defender signed up. Not so enamoured to have a bang average midfielder signed up, so all depends on how we use him.


Very pleased with this news. Oisin has made a significant contribution this season with goals, assists and defending. Still young so could improve to be a very good player.


Then we’ll almost have the same under performing squad as this season (minus Draper).

Only joking, incremental improvements every year.

When are we giving Allen a 3 year deal? Otherwise known as doing a Bax.

:joy: :joy: bang average, he’s got two goals and four assists this season so far, but he’s a bang average midfielder :joy: he’s got more in 17 games than Kinsella did in 3+ seasons

A bit of good news, be nice to see the treatment table clear of bodies too.

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Kinsella wasn’t good enough though, right? I assume that’s why you brought him up? so why are you comparing him to that?

For comparison, highlighting to you what a “bang average” midfielder actually is

Nah you’re right, two goals and four assists in comparison is positively Balon D’or worthy :joy: weren’t at least one of his goals from a corner, he’d be up for if he’s a centre half anyway?

Bloke looks like a headless chicken in there. Not his fault. He’s being utilised poorly.

so what other metrics do you use to measure midfielders then? because I guarantee if you pull up the stats from the last 5 years in terms of goals and assists from midfield, you’d be surprised at how high he’d rank. Not to mention it’s not his natural position and he’s still learning. Whether you see him as poorly utilised or not is your opinion.

Turnovers, successful passes, key passes, interceptions. Oh and the most important one: using your eyes.

It’s f***ing tedious having this discussion, assists and goals aren’t the only metric to measure a player. In fact they are a bonus in a lot of positions, except forward positions.

Correct. Yet here you are.