New contract for McEntee

A good contract extension for one of our best centre halves.


I honestly am. He’s a great young defender and a future captain.

He’s never a midfielder though.

Great news still developing and young hopefully tie up Gordon next till at least 2025 and then Tommy Knowles


Great news. And two things really strike me about this;

  1. this is all about stability and continuity. This is a player that Sadler, in particular, rates highly. That says to me that, unless we suffer a catastrophic downturn in form and league position, Mat Sadler is here for the start of next season as well.

  2. Long term contracts for all of our best players seems to be very much the aim, and I’m sure we are looking to secure Evans and Gordon, if the players are willing. This pretty much backs up the “incremental progress, done sustainably” mantra that trivela give us and pretty much puts to bed the conspiracy that they’re dubious sorts looking to make a quick profit.


A good post that can be spun in a few different ways.

Ultimately it will come down to your last sentence. If we sign players better than we already have to add to that base then we will progress. If we continue to sign squad fillers to make the numbers up, then we will continue to fail miserably.

Still have a while to wait but this time next year we will have a better idea what “incremental progress” really means.


Because they offered one player a contract? :joy: I mean I don’t think they are but Jesus Christ, let’s not be boot lickey here.

Another 2 years of him saying the same thing, over and over and over again :disappointed::wink:

Well done Walsall. A good player who I think will play higher up the Pyramid. Don’t mind so much that he’s been playing in midfield as he’s had some good games there.


Good news as he is a very promising player - just being mismanaged currently.

And yet he himself says how much he is enjoying his football, quote:
“I love it here at the club, in and around the training ground.

“The support from the fans has been brilliant. I have a gaffer who believes in me, I love going into training every day, all the boys get along and it’s the happiest I’ve been in football in a long time."

So he doesn’t feel he is being mismanaged!


Not going to say “I couldn’t care less really, gaffer talks crap, no one responds to his methods and I’m getting pissed off about playing out of position. Also the club is tinpot, and the lads all hate DJ, but my agent got me an extra £300 per week and a release clause” is he :joy:


Forgot your opinion is the only one that matters :joy:

What I see with my eyes is a player used in a position where we need height and physicality but also someone who can chip in here and there with goal contributions.

I can see what he brings to that position, maybe if you attended more than 5 games a season you would be able to see a bigger picture


Absolutely spot on, of course he isn’t.

But in the same breathe why go to the opposite degree and say how much he is loving it here if he isn’t? Why not just say ‘he enjoys playing in front of the fans’ or he ‘feels wanted’ the usual spiel etc etc.

Sorry, was just trying to bring a bit positivity, my error, lesson learned…


It’s almost as though you missed the other contract extensions they’ve already done, when they have no need to if they’re just in it for land profit.


careful mate, you’re not allowed to disagree with him, only he is allowed to have an opinion

I agree with you.

That’s quite lavish testimony from someone if they’re only aiming to pay lip service!

Alternatively if things were as in turmoil as some would want to believe, I’m pretty sure a 22 year old regular, with international honours, who chips in with a few goals….could sit tight and move on for free in May….


Yes if things were bad he would be off at the end of the season. This lad is a good player and is likely to be a future captain if he stays. I hope the Club are in talks with one or two others as we need some stability as well as some strengthening in one or two positions. By the way I am not really bothered whether he plays in defence or midfield as he always does a job for the team.


Or even get a better ‘job’ elsewhere on better pay. He has chosen to sign a contract extension and I am sure no Spanish Inquisition tactics were used in getting him to sign :wink:

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Why does everything have to be to such extremes? Its getting so tiresome.

An okay bit of business to keep us middling along in Division 4.

It isnt a huge statement of intent, it isnt indicative of Trivela wanting to sell off the land :joy:


Not really a top 7 player just shows we are happy to settle with where we are

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