New design pin badges

The second lot of the new badges have arrived

This i

one Ie Walsall England rangers is a cracker and guaranteed to sell, out rapid to collectors

Limited qty. only left for general sale. And only available from our online store from 5 pm tonight

To me. This is the best pin badge I’ve ever. Seen in relation to dh

Use the link below to secure yours. But remember. It wont be listed till 5 pm today

Why Rangers? What have we got to do with them? or is it to push the sectarian narative?


Thank. You To all those on here who have requested. One.
If you order. Online. You have the option of. It being posted or collected from railway at checkout

As explained many times before lots of saddlers have an. affinity with Rangers

Its 100% a sectarian narrative , what with the red hand too.

Obviously just my opinion, but its so tired to keep rolling out sectarian rubbish. We should keep it as far away from our club as we can, not endorsing it, promoting it and making money off the division.

Thats unless your going to make a celtic one too?


I Can get a Celtic one done if you wish to purchase.

I know many saddlers. Who also. Have a liking for Celtic


I don’t have a likening for both if just plain Walsall probably buy


There’s plain Walsall ones on the site mate also

And every sale. Contributes To help. With the work. We do in the community.

There’s a lot going on there pal.

An England crest (three lions)
Red Hand of Ulster
An English Second division team
A Scottish premier league team
A crown symbolising the royal family
An England flag
Another flag that has the England flag in it but also contains a Scottish flag and the flag of St Patrick.

It’s a busy old thing. I’ve read books with less information.

Not for me but hope any money raised serves all of the communities of Walsall.

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Theres no doutbing that, ISSA were brilliant in the pandemic and the things you do for the community. But i do have an issue with pushing this narrative.

I only support Walsall mate, have no real love for any other team, which includes England.

Anyway, I just thought id say something.

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No problem pal
My first love. Is obviously Dh

But have followed England Both hone and away. And also. Attended. Rangers games. When Dh. Have not had a game

Understand. The badge not for everyone.
What I can guarantee is it will sell out tho.

Excuse my ignorance. Who/what are Dh?


It’s the old registration for cars made in Walsall.

A lot of Walsall fans used to refer to Walsall as DH, you don’t hear it often these days though.


When car registrations were locality based, Walsall reg numbers included DH. The Mayoral car was, and still is, I think, DH 1.


Get that.

When we have an element who still gurn like naughty kids when singing an openly sectarian song at our games, whilst the badge in and of itself isn’t sectarian it further aligns WFC with a certain point of view.

The good news is that I’ve stood right with people who start the flute song and it’s clear that most share a brain cell and have no idea what they are singing. At Milton Keynes I was right in amongst them. I followed up with an attempt at “build my gallows” another Rangers song - completely bambozzled.

I then gave “come out you Black and Tans”. A rebel/republican song. I may as well have been singing Mulligan and O’hare.

Honestly, thick as mince. They just know the flute song is a bit “edgy”.

I’d happily take them into any boozer in South Armagh for a real “edge”. If it comes out in Drogheda I suspect the locals will see it as clownish and mildly amusing. It’s hard to get proper angry with people who are obviously complete nobheads.

I’ve no problem with people celebrating their culture and identity. And if you’re patriotic and enjoy the flags and all that, then carry on. Busy badges are fine too.

Just as long as it doesn’t descend into the entitled bollocks about what’s “ours”. It never has been “ours”. It’s always been “theirs”. You’ve just been looking at the wrong “them”.


Never knew that. Walsall fan since 1980 despite being Wolverhampton born and bred.
Having said that no idea what the Wolverhampton reg was either!


Rangers? I don’t get that at all.


I am a Loyal Ulster man
They say this day that I must hang
Cause I fought the IRA
They say that I must pay
Well they say this day that I must hang.

So build my gallows build them high
That I might see before I die
The Antrim glen and the hills of County Down
And I’ll see again the lights of home

The hairs on the back of your neck stand up. When they sing it. Followed by penny arcade

Any football fan Should. Attend an old firm derby at least once.
Best atmosphere. At any football game anywhere .

DA at the same time as Walsall was DH.
My first car had the letters NT, which meant it had originally been registered in Salop.


Wolvo reg was JW - I once had an Austin Allegro. Like a Jehovah’s Witness, it wasn’t always easy to close the door on it.

Sorry P.T - that was meant for SunnO