New DoF - Jamie Fullarton

New DoF.


On paper fantastic appointment

Don’t care if none of us had heard about him.

He’s a man with something to prove.

Let’s see what he does over a couple of transfer windows.

Better late than never Leigh Pomlett. This fella should have been your first appointment.


Welcome Jamie

All the best

Love Belph xx


I remember him as a player down here.
Hopefully this will prove to be an excellent appointment, onwards and upwards.

As I’ve just written on the other thread, this is a really ambitious appointment. If he’s worked with Roy Hodgson, he will have been mentored well and learned a lot. Well done Pomlett and Gamble in securing his services. This is exciting!


Let the misspellings begin. :joy:

Edit; the one in the thread title has been changed. Cheating, that is. :smile:


Welcome Jamie.

A step in the right direction from the club .
All the best… let’s hope you help us achieve some much needed success . UTS

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Pleased with this. Links to a decent prem side for loans/picking up those who have been released- and a history in developing youngsters (both key aspects of the Smith era). Also, if his academy he has in Spain bears any fruit then they’ll fit in perfectly with our youth system when we’ve got a Spanish native running it in Llera. Speaks well from the interview too- experienced enough to have contacts and technical knowledge, but not a football dinosaur like some names that were mentioned. Hope it works out well.


Good CV , happy with that :+1:t2:

As I said on the other thread, given his background I would expect an emphasis on youth, with plenty of opportunities for upcoming younger players.


Sounds a great appointment

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This guy will have had his finger on the pulse of what’s happening within this environment

We can’t comment on if he’ll be good to work with for the board or manager.


He likes a draw so he’ll fit in well… his record at Halifax in 2019 was 65 matches, winning 20 and losing 18, with 27 ending in draws.

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Just been reading up on him. Absolutely solid appointment.

First job should be a three week proper drains up on the strengths, weaknesses and potential of Brian Dutton. Nothing “mock” about it.

And thereafter there will be a sizeable lag between what he does and the impact on the pitch. As football fans we tend not to take to lags but I think we need to see this role in its full perspective and allow the activity it delivers time to flourish into the first team. It won’t be overnight.


Looks a good appointment with the track record he has on developing youngsters. Welcome Jamie and I wish you every success in this new role for the Saddlers.


Pomlett reiterated yesterday the director of football was here to work along side the head coach and help him he won’t be running the rule over him and risking upsetting Leigh son.

Anyway I ain’t gonna pretend I have a clue who he is but good luck to him.

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I like the look of this. It was the sort of appointment I was expecting.

Strongish CV, experience working and setting up good youth setups. Been about enough to have some decent contacts.

Good luck to him


My only challenge would be around the management side of things. How much experience does he have to pass down to Dutton?

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The dizzy heights of 20 wins though, rather than 1 win in 20!!


Don’t think we could ask for much better realistically.

Credit where it’s due, looks good on paper.