New era new sound

As we are into a new era why don’t we engage with the club as to what we want our team to run out to on a saturday? lets choose a new anthem between us and ask the club to play it on match days, nominations please

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Dedicated to Mr Bonser

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Apart from being linked with bonzo that is a good song :+1:

Guess you missed this thread then! :rofl:


I’m missing it already.

:see_no_evil: ■■■■■■■ southern comfort :joy:

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Maybe we could have the banjo solo from ‘Deliverance’ to intimidate the opposition. I can picture Ian Roper in a pair of denim dungarees and a red trucker hat chewing on some straw saying, “You guys ain’t from around here are ya? A team of city slickers. Well can you squeal like a pig? Come on yo’ll.” Taundz could nod and smile approvingly, sat on the top of the opposition dugout chewing tobacco… :joy: