Song to run out to

As we’ve a new manager, a new owner, practically a new team let’s change the music we come out too, what would fans suggest ?

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I know this has been done by several clubs and I still remember Blackburn’s fans singing it almost continually but it lifts the spirits. How about (to the tune of Sloop John B):

Darrell had a dream
To build a football team
With Pomlett’s money, we got some hope in our hearts
He talks to the fans
His got some big plans
We’re Walsall FC
We’re on our way back.

Not sure about last bit of line 3, needs working on.

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Eye of the tiger.

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There are loads of rousing metal intros to run out to. Here’s one of my favourites.

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Sweet child of mine would get the crowd going.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing your team… The Saddlers”


3rd line
With pellet bring a black country boy


Why not keep it local and go for ■■■ On Feel The Noize?


Sometimes the language filter ruins the most innocent posts…



I’d be happy with a return to Starship too. Not a fan of Won’t Get Fooled again at all. Not a bad song, but not exactly a rousing anthem.

I can’t get over the fact Noddy Holder is a dingle?


■■■■ the heavy metal ■■■■, I’d rather run out to silence.

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Definitely should run out to this.

Bostin song to crank up the atmosphere pre kick off.

To bring things into the 21st century, the Philadelphia Eagles run out to Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares”. Might need a bit of an edit but I’d love to hear something a bit more edgy. Used to love the fact that the Baggies ran out to “Insomnia” by Faithless. I still cringe at the thought of the club running out to ‘High Ho’ in the Peter Hart era and even worse, ‘One step Beyond’ under Merse!

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Well, we are reborn as a club so:
I am the resurrection by the Roses
28 years to get rid of Bonser: What took you so long by the Courteeners
The emotion of Bonser going: live for the moment by the Sherlocks

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Just use the Quiet Riot version and no need to worry about Dingle Noddy then!

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One Step Beyond for everything!!! The lads should even have it on when they’re getting a sports massage or having a ■■■■

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Kasabian club foot has to be one of the best I’ve heard