New footage on Youtube

Great kit as well . And what would you give now for Rimmer,Forbes and Bertschin .
Where did it all go wrong

Agreed.Yet, to many, Ken Wheldon, owner for this period was the devil for some reason.

Ken Wheldon was a proper local business man . whatever you thought of him and his dealings we certainly had at times some quality on the pitch

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I reckon that you answered your own question there. Thoroughbreds and Donkeys.

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But which are which? I reckon some the players mentioned above would have walked into our team if they’d been about now - but how many of the current squad would have been good enough to play back then?

No way of proving it but I reckon that none, or very few would, either way. The old players were nowhere near fit or healthy enough, and most not technically able to play in what is a different game to 30-40 years ago. Most defenders / midfielders wouldn’t last until half time under the current rules, their fitness, or lack of it being supplemented by being able to foul at will. That’s without taking the pitches and the ball into consideration.

Conversely, the modern player would not have the physicality needed to play in those teams, would not get the protection from the referee and would not be able to show off their technical skills due to the awful playing surfaces and heavy football.


None of them ,our current squad is completely devoid of any quality ,as I posted months ago we should have reduced the size of the squad and brought in a few better quality players instead of having a big squad full of completely average players , none of whom seem able to affect the game in a positive way . Hopefully I’m wrong and it’s the style of play which is making the players seem worse than they are , and a change to a more positive system will allow them to flourish .
All fingers crossed

He was a scum bag no more no less.

Measured response backed up with overwhelming evidence there.

What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.[ Christopher Hitchens.

That’s your view I have mine

Would welcome your views on his attributes as against :

  1. Tried to sell the ground on numerous occasions and move us to Birmingham and Wolves
    2 . Sells a crock to Walsall for 6 figure some who gets injured in training :roll_eyes:. Oh and don’t peddle the excuse that we claimed on insurance.
    Morally corrupt
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Absolutely correct , wish we had him now , least we would have a team worth watching

That’s the point we would not have had a team you would have been watching wolves or blues reserves

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One each, I think,-82,86 not numerous. You’d have to factor in that the Local Authorities had stymied his plan to expand Fellows Park for years.

A rumour still denied, I believe, by Alan Buckley.

Besides, you said

So all I have to do is show when he wasn’t a scum bag. Let’s see.

Rescued Walsall when they were in real difficulties in the early 70’s after the Harrison fiasco. Has more claim to the Walsall’s saviour tag than Bonser. When clubs went bust then, they disappeared. -Bradford Park Avenue, Accrington etc.

Turned us into one of the few clubs making a profit in a few years.

Appointed Dave Mackay less than two years after he’d won Division One. The appointment didn’t really work out , but hardly the ambition of a “scum bag.”

I could go on, but it’s probably pointless with you on a Saturday.

I don’t think he was a saint, and it did end badly. But I don’t have to to disprove " scum bag no more, no less."


You have a lot of time on your hands :joy::joy:
So remind me:
How many games did Ken Armstrong play following his record signing ?
Did he not try to buy wolves and Birmingham on the proceeds of the sale of fellows park and move Walsall to the aforesaid grounds.

I have noticed in other posts were you have tried to belittle other posters and there views. Why not just keep it friendly :grinning:

As I said.

Yes and I respect your view
But in my opinion he was a crook and did not have Walsall at heart more focused on boosting his own wealth

Daddy, daddy! What’s a hypocrite ?

Sorry I’m not at your intellectual level :woozy_face:

I don’t see a connection between intellectual levels and blatant hypocrisy.