New Job

I din’t want to definitively state he wasn’t paid because I wasn’t completely sure but my understanding is that he is an unpaid volunteer in that role and yet certain people want him to be running the business’s marketing and social media!!!

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I think you should apply, mate.

:rofl: :wink:

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The most obvious candidate on here would be el nombre don’t need any major stickyfoots basic knowledge is all you need to get on with the hierarchy and placate the fans

I don’t want him running anything at the club, he’s only in his role as SLO because of his comfy pal’s relationship with Gamble and Dame Omlette.

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It’s a very amateur set up at the moment and has been for long time this appointment is definitely another step in the right direction by Trivela .seem they may be taking a peep at UTS .:wink:

I absolutely would advise - I’ve offered many times - even on little psychological things, etc but not a single response :man_shrugging:t2::joy:

Easier said than done these days I’m afraid, that hopefully will be the new guys job .to access present staff and if not up to get rid or re -allocate to other jobs .more suitable .bar staff . Kitchen .ground staff .if he’s any good he will sort it .

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I sound like a broken record but again Trivela looking to improve the club from top to bottom… its almost like there doing what they said they wanted to do crazy concept. In Trivela We Believe :canada: :us: :soccer:

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If utsers were to get a job at the club it would be

Completelysaddled - data and analytics , recruitment support
Westiejack- scout
Simon - head steward
Ramred - CEO

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Just heard that Cock crowing agin in my back garden😉

Sephiroth92 Head of recruitment

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Who’s the cheerleaders ?

We sat in the away ‘stand’ at Sutton, the season before last. Whittaker was sat just in front of us when some numpty ‘supporter’ spotted him and started having a pop at him before the game started. I felt really sorry for Whittaker who hemmed in had to sit there and soak it up.

What is it with these people who continue to pile in?

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There is no personal grudge with Whittaker whatsover!!. Im just stating they now need another layer to sort out the other 3. Hence the 6 million to make 10k. Surely Whittaker could be doing the media/ liason stuff when in his own words he brcomes more IT savvy. If he gets freebie meals/ drinks thats still benefit in kind. I dont buy into the goodness of their hearts and certainly with this club

Lots of people very qualified have offered the club help free of charge and they have ignored it this seems like a positive step though.

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Good post there…Trivela keeping their word and trying to do what the fans want but still getting criticism. Then we have THANATOS wanting people sacked!!! I despair at times!! This is clearly a higher paid and higher profile post than we currently have and shows the club has identified a weakness and is trying remedy it whilst at the same knowing that if the person appointed is good then the supporter base will grow.


Would be interesting to see what the key performance indicators are.

This is the key really the KRA’s have to be smart and met business strategies and long term goals

So what are the key responsible areas for this position please enlighten us all

Whalley an associate director … he should not be anywhere near the place.