New player

Any one know about this player we are talking to

There’s been some excellent speculation as to who it could be over here:

Was it not the Albion Centre back who’s gone to Rangers?

#announcemicah :grin:

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Apparently had his contract terminated :thinking:… didn’t Antony Gerrard …:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It has now came out he was sacked by Oldham for posting a racist joke about Ramadam on the clubs “whatsapp” page.

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Pretty sure the player was Gareth McAuley abs we’ve missed out on him, WM reported that yesterday.

We were in initial talks with Macauley, however we lost out to Rangers.

We are in talks with another centre half, and it would be an impressive signing if we pull it off. We are competing with another league one club - and we have been chasing this player for weeks. It is the ‘marquee’ signing Dean mentioned in the press a few weeks ago.

Watch this space.


Greg Halford? And is the other L1 club Portsmouth?


I’m not being a ■■■■ by the way, not saying who it is. I just want it to come off, and not have it in the (social) media. But it’s pretty obvious when you think about it and dig a little…


Understand that dude. It’s more fun guessing, it’s like a much more enjoyable version of that Mastermind game with the coloured pegs.

So, if it’s a case of our appeal being locality is the other club Coventry, or perhaps, Shrewsbury?

How many guesses am I allowed? :grinning:

If it comes off, my money is on Russell Martin.

I did hear a couple of rumours at the match on Saturday, one of them was McCauley who met with DK last week.
DK was also in talks with Norwich and the player last week, before he was released.

Would be equally delighted and amazed if it is indeed Russell Martin. Don’t see any obvious links with the area or Dean Keates.

Gew on, give us a clue!

They may have played together at Peterborough, possible link?


Yeah it looks like they did, Keates was there between 2007-2009 and Martin 2008-2010. Posh won successive promotions to the championship.

It also appears both players moved on shortly after Mark Cooper took over the managerial reigns.

I was also told they are very good friends on Saturday, obviously from those two seasons at Posh.

So it may well be him we are looking to sign, wonder who the other league one club is that are rumoured to be interested . . . Sunderland?

They are also supposed to be looking for an experienced centre back

I posted Russell Martin originally as a bit of a “No chance we’ll sign them” suggestions … but …well … who knows now!

I bloody hope its Taribo West.


… or Mike Duff.