New Signings?

Well where are they
LP suggested that four or five were over the line. Hope he hasn’t jumped the gun like that youngster JF had in the bag.

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A lot of player’s contracts run up to 30th June and will be being paid by their existing clubs until then

It happens near enough every year

I reckon they are all still in playoff action :wink:


Leigh said that wasn’t the case and the 5 should be announced.

Had a better offer from Rushall​:thinking::wink:

Bradford and Bolton have both announced signings of released players

Missed that who have they signed?

We can only sit and wait and see who and when the power’s that be decide to announce them.

I am not going to hold my breath whilst waiting however

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Bolton signed a guy from Cambridge
Bradford signed a keeper from Southampton

I know you are joking but . do you remember the player that was on the motorway coming to sign for us.
He had a call from his agent telling him to put a new destination into his satnav. A better offer had come in.
surly you do not announce anything until the ink is dry on the contract.


Jake Jervis I believe it was.
Was on his way to sign for us from Plymouth. Got diverted to Luton and ended up signing for them


Maybe the club will post the new players arm or leg or the back of his head or something, as a teezer like they do with the new kit?

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Don’t give them ideas. They’d then likely fully unveil them on a distorted iPhone live video, leaving us to only find out who we had signed at the first pre season game

LP said he’s signed them off so must be done. I guess they’re under contract until June, but then surely you can’t sign them off yet? Strange.

IIRC during the Merson “era”, wasn’t a new South African striker (Toni Nhleko) announced in the programme only for it to fall through?

Just about sums us up…

To be fair i think he was wrong there, im not sure thats the case unless the player has not been offered another deal, i maybe wrong.

Nobody else is announcing signings either, which tells me thats the case. I think it depends on whether the other club has said a firm no.

i.e if its Joe Riley, and someone is accusing us of “illegally” tapping up :rofl:, i think we would wait.

It may be something as simple as these players who have signed are on holiday so they aren’t available to come to the ground for the photo shoot yet.


Leigh Pomlett said something that hasn’t happened? I don’t believe it!


He had a text from Bonser telling him to “go play for Luton, Bournemouth or Rotherham” and he chose Luton.


Ben Foster released by Watford. Would it be worth us checking out if he’d like to return to the West Midlands and play his (likely final) season with us?

It would be a huge wage drop but he may not be motivated so much now.