New Stadium?

Maybe the prospect of the stanchions being removed could be enquired or asked about at the next fans focus meeting.

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Make a new stadium out of bakery products. Welcome To “The Gingerbread Stadium”. Only trouble is we’d probably eat it by the end of September!

We could build it where Walsall market is (was?), up the hill towards St Matthew’s. The slope might give us a big advantage as we would we used to the ball running down it, presumably in the second half when we would be kicking towards our own fans!:woozy_face:

I wouldn’t even have to leave the BCA as I could sit upstairs and watch the game :beer::rofl:


Or even better, sit downstairs and not watch it. :laughing:


Why did they need stanchions all the way around anyway. Could have left the away end and side without roofs.

Or from Indian food items: The Vindaloo Stadium has a nice ring to it. We could get “Poppadom Hands” Roberts to open it!!

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We could have used the unwanted tarpaulins from Walsall market as a roof!

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More like a burnt ring to it.

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The Ring of Fire arena - I think we’re onto something!!:joy:

A friend of mine once speculated that the plan re Bescot, if it ever went tits up was to convert it in to a warehouse. When you look at it in that light, it explains many of the original design ‘features’

I don’t think he was too far wide of the mark either.

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The stanchions are there as the stadium was built on the cheap. Just over £4M for the lot. Most clubs spend more than that one a single stand these days.
In the late 80’s too, there wasn’t any real stadium designers like there are these days.
Walsall saw the first new stadium built since the war (Glandford park) and just put a carbon copy order in.


Good day

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Laughable really.

Imagine looking at Scunthorpes gaff and thinking yeah that’s real nice that.


I used to drive past Glanford Park not long after it was built. When I heard we would be building the same, as our replacement for FP, my heart sank.

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It’s all relative - compared to most of the lower league grounds of the time, Glanford Park and Bescot were palaces.

Unfortunately they were badly timed, we didn’t get any post-Hillsborough grants, and they were soon overtaken by a newer generation of grounds.


Very true, but at the time, Glanford Park was the first new ground built since World War Two. There was nothing to compare with, and it was what we could afford. Totally agree, that the stantions are a pain, but at the time, most grounds had stantions.

Nowadays, it desperately needs an upgrade, but not at the expense of team investment.

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I dunno mate only a few years later genuine decent modern grounds started popping up.

I think we just both done it on the cheap unfortunately. Quick and easy warehouse style.

I just hate the location the most though, wish we built it on the wharf when it was possible. A proper town centre stadium.

Yes they did, but as a result of the Taylor report into Hillsborough, huge grants were made to encourage clubs to modernise or build new grounds. That was the game-changer for many clubs that meant they didn’t have to buy the cheapest design possible, but we got none of that money as our ground had already been completed. We tried, but failed to get retrospective funding. If we’d been only a couple of years later, Bescot could have been very different.


I’m guessing that prime land in the centre of town was far too expensive, where as the sewage works would have been far cheaper.

No doubt cheap land, shame cos I bet the town would be in a better state if the ground was there.