New Stadium?

Big shame we couldn’t hold out at fellows park for a few years then, would’ve probably fallen down though :rofl:

Quite possibly! The wind blew the roof off the popular side a year or two after we left.

Towards the end Fellows Park was in very poor condition, partly because we knew we were leaving and so spent as little as possible, but also it wasn’t an outlier - most other grounds were just as bad, even much bigger grounds were falling down.

The condition of grounds generally is what lead to the Bradford fire and Hillsborough - grounds had been totally neglected for a very long time. There was a lot less money in the game and maintenance of grounds and crowd safety just weren’t considered as priorities.

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I remember hearing at the time that the stansions in the middle were removed from the main stand because Pete Waterman paid for them to be removed as they were blocking his view.

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It was his minder that was blocking HIS view :joy:

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is that what made him piss off and support Coventry :rofl:


It did!

Is that before he turned into a die hard Coventry fan

Yeah, no stanchions at the CBS Arena.

Lot of wankers though

Big lad ain’t he Joey Savage :facepunch:

Oh well, if we have a good season and win promotion I’m sure he’ll be back and telling us all he’s been a Walsall and Coventry fan all his life…fookin turn coat


He was MASSIVE, and a nice guy to be honest, i sat next to him and Pete at a few matches, i used to buy the cheapest seats in the lower, and move to the front where the dug outs were pretending that i had been to the kiosk :joy:

Yeah he is, I was introduced to him back in the day down the Railway by a Walsall fan I’d just started my Apprenticeship with at The Patent Shaft Steel Works in Wednesbury, I’m talking 46 years ago and he was a proper head the ball then :joy:

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Went to school with Joey (Stuart Bathurst). I’m a couple of years older than him and when he was a kid at school you’d never have guessed he’d grow to that size (he was tall but skinny then). Spent a good few years travelling to the away games in the 70’s with him, his Uncle Tone and Billy the baker plus a few others. Happy days :smiley:

Remember him in the tabloids when he was going/ prepared to go bare knuckle fighting in America

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What year did you leave Bathurst?


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I understand he found Bescot difficult after his son died and there were too many memories. He would be very welcome to come back.

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Makes no odds to me, by all means watch football elsewhere if it’s too much, completely understandable but some of the stuff I’ve seen regarding Coventry is hilarious