New striker arrives!

Welcome to Walsall mr. Lavery!

Walsall FC are delighted to announce forward Caolan Lavery as the club’s 15th summer signing.

Born in Canada, the 26-year-old started his professional career with Sheffield Wednesday, where he scored six goals in 34 Championship appearances, including a brace in a 6-0 thrashing of Leeds.

He had loans at Southend, Plymouth, Chesterfield and Portsmouth before signing for Steel City rivals United and featured 27 times as the Blades lifted the 2016/17 League One title.

Lavery, who has represented both Canada and Northern Ireland at youth level, gained third-tier promotion again the following season, this time via the play-offs on loan at Rotherham.

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Meh, expecting a marquee, we get an also ran who once scored a goal when he was 19.
Just a personal opinion.

Yes I agree, think this is the one area of the team, where I hoped (as many others have) we would go “all in” for that marquee/significant signing, probably someone early 30’s but still bangs them in at this level.

Let’s hope the 2nd - and final player - to arrive - is just that.

Forgetting his record in League 1 and Championship I think his record at League 2 level is decent tbf.

47 games, 13 goals - a goal every 3.6 games. 13 goals this season would be ideal.

As Clarke says this is another that has spent far too long on loan at the age of 26 he needs a club to kick start his career.

Dont forget we have another striker incoming too. Four strikers scoring 10-13 goals each is better than one scoring 20 :wink:


Looks the DC type of player one that can be improved and at a goal every 3.6 games not great but watch this space. In DC we trust.:sweat_smile:

Thing is, it would be good to have ever heard his name mentioned in the many years of watching Quest on a Saturday night…
Might as well be a painter and decorator that plays semi pro for Felixtowe Rangers etc. We’ll see if DC has unearthed a hidden gem.

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Yep personally couldn’t care less if it’s a “Marquee signing” or not if he scores at that rate this season.

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This marquee stuff - can’t remember anyone from the club stating that it is the intention to sign a big name striker. Seem to recall that DC was going to sign two more strikers before the deadline, of which this fella is one of them. The marquee bit has developed s life of its own on here methinks.


What a load of nonsense, the bloke has played 126 league games. How is this anything like that?


Sent my Sheffield United supporting mate a text asking about Lavery. This was his reply…

“Good player! Will run through a brick wall for the team. Likes to bring others into play and had a decent goal record. Had a few injuries which didn’t help him build momentum at Blades. Surprised he has dropped down as far as League Two. Good enough to be an excellent forward in League One. UTB”

Sounds encouraging! :+1:

Welcome to Walsall Caolan!


You’ve heard of him then, right?

Lavery jubbly.


Vaguely. I don’t know anything about him really.

But I do know that signing a player with a decent record in League Two is NOTHING like signing “a painter and decorator that plays semi pro for Felixtowe Rangers etc”

How many had heard of Tom Bradshaw before we signed him? I know I hadn’t!


I’m just thinking, Gordon’s replacement? Or someone who will push him to improve. It looks like he can offer similar things in attack, like Gordon, but would be more prolific. I’m reasonably happy, if he was that fourth player, who could or not join. Still waiting for that marquee player signing.

Point taken, and admonishment accepted… we’ll have to see what he produces. Got to be better than Ferrier! Good report from the Blades fan above, if it is genuine he’s the sort we’ll need in the 4th Division.

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Exactly players should get judged on how they perform for walsall fc…so let’s wait and see at least we have a bit of competition for places up top now. UTS

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He is more experienced than our current two centre forwards, has scored goals as Jeef says, 13 from 47 league two appearances, if he can repeat that this season, it will do for me.

Still another forward to come in too.

Dont get me wrong someone like Matty Taylor would be a great signing, but given he has 18 months left on his contract, it will be a pretty big transfer fee.

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Don’t know why there is this thing about having to be a name Seems like a good signing to me and looking forward to seeing him play


Caolan Lavery = Anal Lay Cover