Next Manager Odds

So here we go…

Skybet and BetVictor are offering broadly the same names and odds.

Chris Powell
Darrell Clarke
Paul Hurst
Steve Evans
Kevin Nolan

A few wild-cards mentioned

KEITH Downing
Mark Warburton, and Gary Rowett!!!

Personally I don’t think there’s any way we’re going for anyone currently in post, and I really hope we don’t just do the obvious and give it MOC until the end of the season. At least have a go at staying up and bring in an experienced manager.

I would have thought that we’d have named O’Connor if he’d wanted to take it, and we know bonser talked to him yesterday.

Powell would be interesting I think and it’s not beyond the realms of possibility. Ideally though, I’d love us to offer it to someone normally out of our reach for just 5 games and a big payment for keeping us up. I don’t think that will happen though.

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Bearing in mind the appointments over the last 20 years, does it not strike anyone that all of those names seem a little optimistic?

I can’t see Bonzo paying the wages of anyone on that list! Maybe Kevin Nolan who would be fairly cheap.

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I’ve seen Michael Appleton at 16/1. Would be a decent appointment.


The one you can guarantee it won’t be is Steve Evans!!! Can you imagine bonser and him getting on?!!


I think he’ll put MO’C in charge for the last 5 games with an understanding that if we stay up he may be in the running for the job but along with other candidates Bonsor casts his ruler over at the end of the season.

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How has Paul Downing made that? He is 27 years old!

Unless you mean Keith…

Personally if John Ward still holds sway at this club he’ll be whispering sweet nothings into Bonser’s ear about Darrell Clarke considering he mentored him at Bristol Rovers.

I think in the circumstances that would be an o.k choice, for the last five games and possibly longer.

Yes Typo! I meant Keith, will edit.

I suggested weeks ago that if Keates went MoC would probably take charge possibly assisted by Chambers until the end of the season. I hope it’s not the case! As I don’t see MoC or Chambers bringing anything to the table, let’s have a sweep out of all the crap! I’m presuming Davies has also hitched a lift home with Keates?

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Let’s hope so. Along with Oakes and Czucman

Fingers crossed they’ve all gone, now I wonder where we can find an out of work physio


Let me throw a name into the mix: if we keep the existing back room staff, we could go for Craig Bellamy. Along with Carl Darlington, they have good connections in the game, particularly with young Welsh players. Tom Bradshaw is the main reason for our success in recent years so to unearth another would be great!

Also, I know that Bellamy is desperate for a chance in management having interviewed for the Oxford job this season.

He has his coaching badges and with no connections to the club, it would certainly capture the imagination of the fans. If he could secure a loan signing from Liverpool, for example, it might even boost season ticket sales…

When was the last time that we had a manager with a strong personality, one that actively questioned the owner? Sir Ray? Colin Lee? Dickie Dosh?? T’was a long time ago. Bonser only appoints the desperate or needy these days. Sometimes he gets lucky but mostly not.
I wouldn’t look at any bookies shortlist. None of the names they come up with will get anywhere near an interview.

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Paul Hurst best choice on there for me followed by Rowett and Warburton but no doubt JB will pluck someone out of obscurity who we’ve never heard of. 5 games to go and ridiculously we could still stay up if he makes the right choice. Still only one point in it with plenty of twists and turns still possible. Look at Oxford’s recent run out of nowhere.

Rowett for me all day long

The right appointment could save us - just as Redknapp did at Birmingham last season.

Break the bank - get a man in that can do it, can motivate - a chance to redeem yourself a little Jeffrey - not gonna happen though is it.

Can you imagine the boost we would feel if Rowett was appointed? It would be a shot in the arm for the whole club.

Loyal doesn’t really come into it. Get him in for 5 games and promise him a healthy bonus for keeping us up

Couldn’t give a toss about loyalty this club just needs to stay up! He’s the biggest and most competent name on that list imo.

The board suggest that relegation would be a disaster for JB, some on here say its what he wants. This appointment is a statement to prove who is correct. I have my suspicions but we shall see…

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Wouldn’t mind Jorge but I think after keates we don’t need to be sentimental about ex players, need some one from the outside, Hurst or Chris Powell for me

I know where you stand on bonser but it’s pretty clear that he would not want us to drop down. He knows the effect on income, he knows we’d be unlikely to bounce back and that all has an effect on the impression and the legacy. And, notwithstanding that he has cognitive dissonance about the rent and ownership, he is, in the end, a Walsall fan and doesn’t want to see the team relegated.